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Barneys Wants to Tell a Memorable Story With VR, Fashion and Dance

Luxury retailer Barneys New York seeks to tell a story shoppers will remember in its new VR experience.

In partnership with electronics company Samsung and contemporary dance troupe the Martha Graham Dance Company, Barneys released its 11-minute movie, Mantle, which was filmed with 360-degree camera technology. The film incorporates four principal dancers, whom Barneys says “embody character archetypes representing parts of the human psyche: Power, Ethereal, Possessed and The Cleaner.”

According to a blog post on Barney’s content hub, The Window, the film is the result of more than a year of work and intends to put the viewer at the center as dancers look inward toward a central focus point where the camera was placed.

“Every aspect was specifically designed as an interaction between the performers and ‘an audience of one,’” Barneys said in the post. (The brand did not respond to a request for comment.)

The cast wears—and, Barneys says, “bring[s] movement to”—clothing from designers like Prabal Gurung, The Row, Rick Owens, Loewe and Craig Green. The apparel, which ranges in price from a $330 T-shirt to a $4,000 dress, is also highlighted on the blog post in a section called Shop the Story.

The experience can be viewed on Samsung headsets at Barneys’ Madison Avenue, Downtown and Beverly Hills flagships, as well as via the Samsung VR app and on

“Barneys’ mission is to allow people to interact with our creative content in as many ways as possible, and technology can bring this dance piece to life in an unprecedented way,” said Barneys creative director Matthew Mazzucca in the post. “Within VR and 360 environments, as well as through the variety of formats we’ve created, no two viewers will have the same experience of the dance, and that’s exciting.”

It’s also an experience Mazzuca hopes viewers will remember, the post said—and it’s certainly possible, according to Dario Raciti, director of Zero Code, the interactive entertainment division of media company OMD. Raciti, who is not a part of this activation, said VR has become a platform that deliver memorable experiences, if done well.

“What they’re trying to do here is deliver something memorable and presented in a different way than what they’ve perhaps done in the past on a rectangular TV screen,” he said. “VR is such a flexible platform. … Looking at that dance on 2D screen would have been less memorable to a user than seeing it in a VR headset. That’s the element VR brings to the table, whether interactive or linear: the level of memorability of an experience that is higher.”

There are a range of potentially memorable applications for VR in retail. Walmart, for example, has not disclosed specific plans, but called out enhanced product testing, interactive ecommerce experiences and the ability to anticipate consumer needs and establish trust as potential uses for VR.

Meanwhile, research from mobile retail app developer GPShopper found that 46 percent of respondents want to use VR to try on clothing and accessories without going into a store. About 42 percent want to use VR to see where and how a product was made, while 23 percent want access to a personal shopper in a virtual environment.

That said, consumers have high expectations for both VR and AR, said Joey Camire, principal at consultancy Sylvain Labs.

“Obviously, you can add value in myriad ways,” he said. “If the experience is truly unique and special, but only providing entertainment value, that can still be worth doing. But the expectations will be high. One of the things that has plagued VR is that based on portrayals in popular culture, expectations are just so high. Even when something is an incredible feat of production and technical expertise, it can still fall flat to someone who doesn’t have an eye or background for that.”Read more | evening dresses

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Beauty Hacks Which You Must Follow In 2018

Here are some simple beauty hacks which you should definitely follow in 2018 :

1. Removing Make-up before sleeping should be the mantra of your life

No matter how tired you are, do remove your make up before sleeping to make your skin look young and energetic in long-term. Makeup makes you look beautiful but can also harm your skin if not removed properly.

2. Healthy Diet

Yes, we know it is one of the most clichéd things ever which our moms also keep telling us. But they are clichéd because they are absolutely true! Include a lot of green vegetables and fruits in your diet, and you will notice the glow in your skin in just a few weeks. You can thank us later!

3. Pay Attention to your lips

Chapped lips can spoil anybody’s looks because they look very unattractive. We sometimes take our lips for granted and don’t take care of them. That is exactly where we go wrong! Use a gentle scrub for your lips and keep them hydrated with a lip balm ALWAYS. In fact, we would suggest you always carry a lip balm with you!

4. Beauty Sleep is IMPORTANT

Do not ever underestimate the importance of a proper 6-8 hour sleep every night! A proper sleep rejuvenates our skin, making it look clear and healthy. So please, give your phone also some rest at night (yes, phone is the ultimate culprit behind the bad sleeping habits!) and take your beauty sleep!Read more at:long evening dresses australia | red carpet dresses

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Azerbaijani woman, who wows fashion capitals with her style

Saida studied art in Europe, she studied fashion design in Paris's Parsons School of Design, and graduated from its New York branch. After working for 10 years as a designer of men's and women's collections in Banana Republic and Ralph Lauren, she was able to get acquainted with all the subtleties of the fashion industry, starting from choosing a color combination for future collections to technical control over the manufacture. As a result, Saida started her own designer clothing distribution company, which started to supply designer clothing to even Russian boutiques.

Saida Mouradova has a fashion blog, where she writes about style, trends and dress sense, about the importance of accessories, about an individual style, about how to make a maximum number of outfits from a minimum number of clothing items, about wardrobe change rules, as well as explains how to turn knowledge into action during her master classes.

Saida Mouradova accessories design is based on traditional ornaments of the peoples of the world. "I work with makers around the world. In my work I use methods that have been practiced for centuries, applying the modern technology, including 3D-printing and laser-cutting. I tried to take what already exists and blended with the utmost progressive technology, whether it's laser-cut or 3D-printed piece," Saida Mouradova said.

She lives in New York now, and according to her, it is a melting pot of so many different people, backgrounds, accents, colors, cultures. Saida prefers to work with artisans that honor the heritage. "We need more tools to add to what our true personality is. I'm trying to create something that's completely wild, completely crazy that you can take apart and just wear a piece of that and still feel like you're being true to yourself. I'm making my accessories so that you can dance in them. I will not put a product out there until I know 100% that I can wear it for hours and not feel tired ," the designer says.Read more at:2017 formal dresses | formal dress shops sydney

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