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Tips to buy the perfect lingerie

Tips to buy the perfect lingerie
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Its not just the size that matters when you are out choosing the perfect lingerie, but, the body type, the outfits you plan to pair them them with, the colour and pattern etc are some of the other factors that can help you pick the right one.

With the plethora of designs, fits, shapes, colours, prints and patterns available in the markets both retain shops and online, it can be quite confusing when it comes to buying the right one for your self. Here are some tips that can help...


Every few months we lose or gain a few inches and our body changes. The fits of our clothes too change and hence it is important to measure yourself and find the perfect fit the band size as well as the cup size.


Every lingerie brand has a different fit and feel to it.

There are some shapes and styles in some brands that can change your look com MEASURE THE RIGHT WAY Using a measuring tape find out your band size -run the tape right under your breast, ribcage and back. Add five inches to it to get your chest size. Repeat this a few times till you get the same number. pletely. So, you need to try out before you purchase anything.


One of the most important things to keep in mind is that it should be seamless and the lines should not show through. A sturdy , supportive bra is ideal, under your tshirt.


When you are wearing a halter neck top or blouse opt for a bra that has removable, adjustable straps. You can criss-cross the straps so that the shoulder is left bare and your halter top looks prefect.Off-shoulder and one-shoulder dresses can also be worn with these bras where you adjust the straps to suit the outfit. Transparent straps are passe, avoid them, rather, opt for straps that are colourful and attractive, which won't look unseemly even if they peek out. PSST...


When buying online follow the reference measuring guidelines that the sites give to get the perfect fit. Read more here:MarieAustralia black formal dresses

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