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Here's how to tone your butt

Here's how to tone your butt
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Round is nice, square isn't. Here's how to tone up that backside that often gets the attention first

So you may not want a voluptuous backside like Kim Kardashian's, but admittedly, most women want a shapely, sculpted, and well-defined butt. Wardrobes filled with skinny jeans, leggings and LBDs have them stay focused more than ever, on tightening, and shaping their behinds.

It's beautiful to be symmetrical. Yet, our glutes do more than just help us look good in our clothes. The butt comprises three main muscles: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. They work together to help us move our legs in all directions. Since they are connected to the hips, the lower back, and the legs, strengthening the glutes can help to stabilise the back.

But what many of us really want to know is this: Is there a workout that can actually help us get chiselled derrieres? For a wonderful booty and toned thighs, you need one simple: the squat.Try these supercharged versions:


Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width apart, toes out, hands on hips.Squat until thighs are parallel to the ground, then lift both heels (refer pic). Lower heels for one rep. Repeat four times. IT TONES: Buttocks, thighs, calves


With feet shoulder-width apart, squat all the way down, fingertips on floor slightly in front of feet. Keeping fingertips on the ground, lift hips, extending your buttocks toward the ceiling with knees slightly bent (as seen in the pic). Return to start for one rep. Repeat four times. IT TONES: Buttocks, lower back, abs


Imagine your favourite soccer star and stand with feet shoulder-width apart, hands on hips. Squat, then stand and forcefully bring right leg across and in front of body, leading with heel, as if kicking a ball, left arm swinging in front, right arm behind.Return to start. IT TONES: Buttocks, thighs


Stand with feet shoulder width apart, hands behind head. Squat, then stand, lifting left knee across body toward right elbow at centre.Return to start. Switch sides to complete one rep. Repeat twice. IT TONES: Thighs, abs, obliques


Stand with feet hip-width apart. Squat, extending arms behind torso. Stand, then raise left leg and lower chest until parallel to parallel to floor, extending arms for ward. Hold for two counts, then return to start. Switch sides to complete one rep. Repeat twice. IT TONES: Buttocks, legs, shoulders, back, abs


Feet together, thighs parallel to the ground, hands on hips, squat with back to wall. Maintain back and buttocks contact with wall as you lift left knee toward chest.Return to start. Switch leg to complete 1 rep. IT TONES: Buttocks, thighs



Go down: Drive buttocks back (as though sitting on a chair), keeping thighs parallel to floor and knees over toes.Feel rooted: Position feet shoulder-width apart and slightly turned out with your weight on heels.Stay open: Place hands behind head. Lift chest, and draw shoulders back and down.Be in line: Keep a neutral spine without arching your back; engage your stomach. Read more here:formal dresses perth

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