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Belly fat cure? Get flat belly with Zero Belly Diet

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Belly fat or 'visceral fat' as medical experts call it, is the fat which gathers in the guts and pushes out the belly.

According to previous studies, belly fat has been linked to a number of major diseases such as diabetes, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer's and heart disease.

A 'zero belly' program may help in reducing belly fat. It is based on the science of nutritional genetics.

The program works in three ways. First of all, it cuts down the dairy, excess salts and artificial sweeteners. The test panelists who underwent the program lost around 3 inches in only one week.

Secondly, the zero belly program heals the gut by feeding the good microbes in the belly. It turns off fat genes if the gut is balanced.

In the last step the program helps the participant to store lean protein, quality fiber and healthy fats only.

There are nine foods which you may consume in order to gain zero belly.

Begin with zero belly which are plant based smoothies that have healthy fat, protein and fibre. These also contain resveratrol. Eating a lot of eggs is recommended as it turns off genes for the visceral fat gain. If you want a flat belly, eating red fruit and food cooked in olive oil can be of great help.

Consuming oats, beans and fibre foods may help in turning off genes for diabetes.

Lean meat can help in keeping your metabolism high while leafy green tea and bright vegetables may help by turning off fat-storage genes. Eating nuts, seeds, Cinnamon and ginger may also help in attaining zero belly.Read more at:MarieAustralia princess formal dresses

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