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Making your gym debut? Here's help

Making your gym debut? Here's help
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Heading to gym for the first time may be a little daunting but keeping note of a few things can make the experience easier. From setting yourself a goal to rewarding yourself when you achieve it are some of the factors that can keep you motivated and inspired.

Celebrity fitness trainer Fabrice Le Physique, owner of Munsterfit, an exclusive personal training gym, has shared his top tips on how to enjoy workout sessions,

Set yourself a goal and don't be afraid to reward yourself when you reach it: Whether you want to lose weight or just tone up, by setting yourself a target you are already visualising your result. Why not make a deal with yourself? Once the goal is reached, treat yourself to a new dress, a holiday -- a well-deserved prize.

Make sure your goal is realistic: As much as everyone would love to lose 10 kg in just three weeks, it is just not possible to do it in a healthy way. Making your short-term goal reachable gives you the motivation to keep going every time you hit a target.

Ease into it: It is important not to push yourself too hard on the first session. Starting with a gentle routine can help avoid injury. Training at 50 percent of maximum effort allows the body to gradually adapt to a long-term exercise routine. Also, by starting slow, you are three times less likely to give up.

Be prepared: Planning a workout in advance helps make the most of your time at the gym.

Ask questions: Seek advice from a fitness instructor if you are using a commercial gym. Booking a couple of personal training sessions can give you a good kick start as well as giving you a good understanding of the gym's equipment.

Train all parts of the body: It can be easy just sticking to running or cycling, but this could mean you focus too heavily on your legs.

Avoid just sticking to machines: Make sure you add in a mixture of body exercises such as push ups, crunches and chin ups. This encourage exercise at home, in-between, or in case you miss a gym session.

Use free weights during your workout: Ensure you use free weights during your routine. They can offer a great variety of exercises and also strengthen and tone core muscles within the body.

Ditch the junk food: Opt in for healthier food alternatives to help speed up your success rate.


Consistency is key: We are creatures of routine, so stick to your training plan. Regular exercise will bring results. Read more here:red cocktail dress

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The wonder 'Matcha' Japanese green tea

The wonder 'Matcha' Japanese green tea
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A traditional Japanese green tea, matcha is racing ahead of all other green teas. We explore the powers of this superfood.

For 2015, don't drink just about any green tea. Upgrade to matcha, a green-hued, powdered tea from Japan. Though it has been consumed for centuries in Japan, as part of their tea ceremony Chanoyu, the world is now taking notice because of its metabolism-enhancing, stress-reducing, immune boosting and cholesterol-lowering benefits...


"Unlike other green teas that are steeped in bags, matcha leaves are entirely dissolved in water while consumption.Hence, you ingest all its antioxidants. One cup of matcha tea has as many antioxidants as 10 cups of regular tea! Because you consume it whole, the catechins, amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals in it are considerably higher. Hence it has strong anti-cancer and anti-ageing properties," explains tea sommelier Dr Rupali Ambegaonkar. It also promotes a Zen state of mind, as it contains LTheanine, a rare amino acid that helps in relaxation. It helps burn fat by increasing the rate of metabolism without promoting increased heart rate and blood pressure. It also improves immunity by fighting viruses and bacteria as it is rich in potassium, vitamins A and C, iron, protein, and calcium. Some studies even suggest people who drink matcha are less likely to develop heart diseases.


Chefs have realised the potential of this tea in cooking.They are using matcha to enhance the flavour of a dish naturally, as a colouring agent, in dressings or as decorative garnish. Says tea connoisseur Amit Mehta, "The tasting notes of matcha are umami, vegetal and grassy .This is not only a well-accepted flavour profile with the developing Indian palate but also considered nutritious, thus appealing to health-conscious people." While Japan uses this ingredient in savoury dishes like the matcha curry, and matcha soba noodles, in India, the tea is more popular in desserts.Mumbai-based baker Pooja Dhingra often uses it in her recipes. "The flavour of matcha complements a lot of desserts. It has a certain sweetness to it, which is enhanced with white chocolate.Personally , I love using matcha with white chocolate to make cookies, macarons or cupcakes. Matcha powder can be used in almost all desserts -cakes, eclairs, mille-feuilles, milkshake and smoothies."


While choosing matcha as an ingredient for your recipe, it is important to note that matcha powders that are lighter in colour are on the sweeter side and the darker ones are more astringent. Choose one depending on what you're baking. Read more here:black formal dresses

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Get the lowdown on Bengaluru street fare

Get the lowdown on Bengaluru street fare
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Food in fine-dining restaurants might be high on taste, but what you get on the streets is comfort food. A walk down different food streets in the city is proof of this, but you don't need to visit a particular food street to sample the goodies. We list some of the best...

SHAWARMA: This Arabian delicacy is a popular snack in the city. Shredded, roasted chicken is mixed with mayonnaise and pickled vegetables, and served in pita bread. This is something that you can have at any time of the day.

BOILED PEANUTS: This is not only a healthy snack, but is tasty too. Boiled peanuts are sold by vendors on carts and are mostly found throughout the day across Bengaluru. The peanuts are boiled in saltwater and are quite the favourite with people across all age groups.

BOILED CORN: Like boiled peanuts, this has been around for years in the city and is quite in demand. It is liked by children and old people alike and is available mostly in the evenings. This is also sold by vendors in carts in different parts of the city.

CUCUMBER WITH CHILLI POWDER: While cut cucumbers might be sold in different cities, in Bengaluru, it is available throughout the year and is quite popular during summers. This is both healthy and filling.

MASALA PURI: You are missing out on something if you haven't tried Masala Puri. Available only in the evenings, one should eat this piping hot. Boiled and semi-smashed greens peas are served in a gravy that is garnished with onions, chilli and puri, which is usually eaten spicy.

VADA PAV: This might not be native to Bengaluru, but it is surely a favourite with people here. Vada Pav is available at quaint food stalls in the city and is another must-have evening snack. It is not only healthy, but tasty too. Make sure to try the fried chilly that it comes with as well.

CHURUMURI: This is almost like the Bhel Puri from the North, except that there area few different elements added that sets the Bengaluru Churumuri apart. Puffed rice with tomato, roasted peanuts, mixture, grated carrots, onions, raw mango, coriander leaves, lime juice and salt to taste makes this street fare a favourite.

CAPSICUM BAJJI: If you have visited the food street on VV Puram then you will be familiar with the Capsicum Bajji. The best version of this is available on VV Puram, but it is offered in other parts of the city as well. The entire capsicum is dipped in batter and fried and is then served with grated carrots, onion and masala that's stuffed inside. This makes for an interesting evening snack, especially if it is clubbed with a cup of tea or coffee.

MOMO: Momos are mostly sold by Nepalis and is available in the evening in stalls by the streets. Hot and freshly-steamed momos are all one needs when getting back home after a hard day's work.

TIKI PURI: This is a dry puri that is stuffed with grated carrot, onion, peanuts and tomato at times. You can even ask the vendor to add some tamarind chutney. This is served with a generous helping of puffed rice on top.

NIPPATTU BURGER: One of the favourites with tea and coffee found on the streets of Bengaluru is nippattu. Made from chana dal paste, this is a flat fried snack that is served with coconut chutney. Some of the stalls have give it a twist and have come up with the Nippattu Burger, which is equally delicious.

DOSA: This list will remain incomplete if the humble dosa is not included. Apart from the traditional plain and masala dosa, city's street vendors have their own version of the food item — with some even offering up to 99 varieties, which include Pav Bhaji and other stuffings.


FRUIT BOWL: Bengalureans are health conscious and like to have their daily intake of fruits in the form of fruits bowls. Several vendors in the city serve cut fruits sprinkled with chaat masala, which are a perfect snack. Read more here:cocktail dresses australia

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