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9 ways to cope with unhappiness

9 ways to cope with unhappiness
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Caught in a rut of unhappiness? Here are constructive ways in which to cope

Get a health check-up

If you're unhappy, but you can't put your finger on the reason, get your general health checked. An easily curable condition like anaemia (iron deficiency) can make the world seem like a dark place. Hormonal upsets can send your libido plummeting, while depression -another curable condition - can make life seem not worth living. If you have the blues because your life really is the pits, getting a check-up is still vital.

Take help from a buddy

If you believe it's you who needs to change, get a true friend or loved one to offer their insight. Are you really that badly off, or have you just lost confidence? Maybe you had a critical parent or someone who constantly puts you down. Sadly, some people enjoy trampling on dreams.Don't let anyone stamp on yours.

Indulge in human contact

Anyone's who had gone through a tough break-up will know the value of this one. When a friend bothers to call you up every day to check on you, or lands up at your door every morning so you'll accompany them on a walk, you'll realise there are people who love you. Getting out and being around people who matter is vital to beat a low.

Step away from home

This is a very helpful step, especially, if you live on your own. Sometimes, staying alone with yourself and your unhappy thoughts can be a real nightmare. Leave your house and all your routine behind. Go out, whether for a few hours or a few days. Go to the movies with friends, on a daily road trip with your family, or for a walk by yourself. You'll be surprised at how much better it feels to let your mind get some fresh air.

Embrace change

At some stage, most of us have to adapt to change when it's forced upon us.Don't waste time asking why it happened to you or, even worse, what you did to cause it. What happened is called life. Widowhood, divorce, bankruptcy, eviction -it's not a punishment for being bad or inadequate, so don't waste energy feeling guilty. Pick yourself up and start again. And don't be too proud to ask for help. There is an organisation or helpline there for every misfortune. Make use of them.

Fight addictions

Most of us are addicts, although we may not real ise it. We are not talking about sex, drugs or drink.We mean the addictions that keep us plodding on in a certain way, because that's how we've always done it. Something that, at first glance, can look like a virtue -like being houseproud, or counting the pennies -can become a noose around your life, so don't be afraid to break a lifetime habit now and then.

Do unto others

Most things in life are a two-way ticket. Act towards those around you the way you'd like them to act towards you. If, for instance, you wish that your friends help you find a job in your area of expertise, see if you can forward a resume once in a while. We realise that when you are down in the dumps it's tough to play Santa but helping another can actually make you feel better.

Eat and drink healthy

Foods have an effect on moods, it's been scientifically proven. By figuring what eats push you down a dark tunnel, you can actually change the way you feel. For some, it's caffeine and sugary foods. For others, it's high fat and carb-rich eats. If coffee makes you mind race, it's not good for anxiety anyway. Try to eat natu ral foods, especially green vege tables and coloured fruits.

Don't say, 'later'


Each time you put something off, you accept defeat, and defeat saps confi dence. Take a risk, some times. `If only' are the sad dest words in the English language. Somewhere there's someone who will help you work it out if it's possible and, if it is, how you can do it. Good luck! Read more here:cocktail dresses australia

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