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What attracts you to a good eatery...

What attracts you to a good eatery...
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is also about ambience, music and people than just food...

When you step into the eatery or heard reviews of an eatery and decide to go there, the first thing you register as soon as you enter the place is not always the food. It is the ambience, the responsive staff and how comfortable they make you feel. There are so many eateries that have a functional and basic ambience but the food is value for money and the service is excellent. You feel like being at home and eating food that you always come back for.

There are pubs and lounges in metro cities that are either too loud, too cramped and you have to elbow yourself to your table. And there are eateries that are great on music, ambience and food and service. What really attracts people is perhaps the service and music. When you find responsive waiters waiting to give you alternatives if you are not happy with a particular dish, when they can suggest dishes to you in a menu that speaks of real exotic fare and suits it to your taste, music is something that you can easily start moving yourself to and can identify with, and most importantly the food that comes to you as exactly ordered making you feel extremely special.


A restaurant does not have to be high end always when you go out, but cleanliness, ambience and responsive service do go a long way in making you feel good you had chosen the place. So many times, the waiters are inflexible, the staff does not smile at all, the menu is so exotic that simple people who are not aware of the modern day cuisines seem totally lost and end up spending a lot of money but never feel the satisfaction of having a good time. So the next time you head to an eatery, make sure you are looking forward to having a good time rather than ticking a must-see restaurant as it is high on a socialite or actor's list! Read more here: formal dresses melbourne

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