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Designs are everywhere

From left: Neeta Ambani, her daughter Isha Ambani, Shabana Azmi and Sonakshi Sinha, and Saif Ali Khan (second from right) and Karisma Kapoor (third from right) at the closing runway show of Fashion Week in Mumbai

Grand gestures

THE grand finale of the fashion week will be remembered for some wrong reasons, and plenty of good ones. The diarist is witness to the camaraderie shared by some of the biggest names in the business, especially in the backdrop of the last minute change in the venue and the consequent chaos. Rohit Bal, for instance, was completely hands-on with the preps, setting up the ramp for his fellow designer from Kolkata. So was Narendra Kumar, who, along with Bal, was intent on letting the show go on. Nari gets another thumbs up for his spontaneous samaritan act. During the finale, one of the background models, who was meant to take position near the brand signage, appeared to have fainted. Nari, who was one of the few to have spotted her, rushed in to help her with the medical attention she needed. All this when all eyes was on the show stopper. We liked that.

Skeletons and closets

SO this former minister, who is now in the eye of a major controversy that has cast an ominous shadow on his career, may have to brace himself for yet another scandal blowing up on his face. The diarist has learnt that during his tenure with an international organisation in the West, he had a two-year-long rollicking affair with an artiste with an exotic lineage. The affair may have ended when the gent was chosen for a more serious political role back in his country, but the artiste is not willing to forget or forgive in a hurry. We hear, details of the said affair may be made public very soon. Once that happens, this bambi-eyed former bureaucrat may need the help of some serious spin doctors.

Eat, pray, love

IT seemed like a happy bunch of ladies, who were out to lunch at a suburban five-star. Susanne, Gayatri Oberoi, Sonali Bendre and a couple of their gal pals, truly let their hair down over a leisurely lunch. There was plenty of laughter and good natured banter that accompanied the salads and soups and sandwiches. And in case you are wondering, they were not really discussing the men in their lives or their absence. Well done.


THE pav bhaji is going places. Word just in, the dapper Siddharth Poojari, who heads the Sukh Sagar chain of restaurants is one of the food partners for the classy Dubai Tennis Open. Not only that, Poojari, whose Amrut Whiskey has been turning hard nosed connoisseurs of fine whiskey into converts, has reportedly partnered up with an international luxury brand. Watch this space for more.

PS: Congratulations are in order for Anoushka Shankar and Joe Wright who became proud parents to their second baby boy last month. The couple have named their child Mohan. Their elder son has been named Zubin. Anoushka's half sister Norah Jones too gave birth to a boy last year.Read more |

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