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Summer kit for your handbag

Summer kit for your handbag
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Of course wallet is a must-carry in your handbag, but apart from the regular stuff, one must have a mini summer kit in their handbag this summer. Check if you have these following things in your handbag before you step out in this scorching heat.

Small umbrella

Try to carry a mini-umbrella in your kit. This will help you to protect your skin from sun tan and dehydration.


One cannot maintain the freshness of the face all day this summer. But, a compact will help to an extent. Compact powder not only removes excess oil on your face, but also hydrates the skin and makes you look clean and fresh.

Wet wipes

If you feel tired or look a bit dull, just wipe your face with wet wipes and refresh yourself.

Hairpins and hair bands

In this hot sun, leaving the hair loose is not a comfortable option. Even if you do so, you may need a hairpin or a hair band to tie it up some time during your travel. So, always put a few hair pins and hair bands in your bags for an instant hair-do. Also, hair tends to be frizzy this season, so hairstyles do not hold for long and hence you will definitely need these.


It is better to be safe and avoid picking up infections.So, pin up a small sanitizer in your handbag and clean your hands as often as you need to.

Water bottle

Always carry a small water bottle in your bag. You will not know when you may need one during the day .Since parched throat might cause dehydration, this is a must-carry .


Summer means frequent sweating and deos are a must-carry to keep you fresh. Sweat also can make you stink and staying odourfree is important. Always carry a fragrant deo to smell good this summer.

Small towel

Keep a small towel in your handbag. You may wash your face and hands quite often at your work place this season, and having a small towel could come in handy in drying yourself.


Don't forget to take your sunglasses. They might be worn as a style statement during other seasons, but during summer, they help you escape the heat. Also choose glasses, preferably wraparound ones, that offer complete UV protection.


Just keep a stole, preferably made of cotton, in your handbag as this might help you cover your head when you have to walk in the sun. It also helps to protect your hair.Read more here:vintage formal dresses

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