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Nicky Hilton's fashion 'risks'

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The 31-year-old heiress has revealed she loves to step out of her comfort zone when it comes to her personal style and enjoys experimenting with different looks to express herself.

She said: "Fashion, for me, is all about experimenting, taking some risks and stepping outside your comfort zone. There's no real rule when it comes to fashion. It's really just about expressing yourself and having fun."

The blonde beauty added she refuses to follow trends and prefers to find a signature look to make her own.

She explained: "I think it's all about being original and true to yourself. I think we live in a society where so many young girls are trying to dress like their favourite actor or musician, and it just looks like a bunch of clones walking around. I highly encourage women to find their own original sense of style and come up with [their] own trademarks."

Nicky - who has created a capsule collection of handbags for Linea Pelle, entitled NICKY HILTON x linea pelle, which will be released this autumn - has ensured her passion for "unique" designs is evident in the line and is "really pleased" with how her range has turned out.

She told Fox News Magazine: "I like finding unique bags. I'm sort of over the whole 'It-bag,' where every girl is carrying the same style. When I'm shopping for a handbag, I want something unique, and when I say unique, I mean a shape or print that I'm not going to see everyone and their mother carrying.

"I've collaborated with Linea Pelle on a small capsule collection [because] I've really wanted to embody my personality, aesthetic and taste into this line. I've featured my favourite shapes, styles and colours. I wanted to keep it really classic. I didn't really want to make something trendy.

"I'm really pleased with how the collection has turned out. Each piece is stylish and practical for every day. I try to always design timeless pieces that women will have in their wardrobes for years to come."Read more here:cocktail dresses

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UK Exhibition Showcases Muslim Lifestyle

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Showcasing the rich Islamic culture, the UK is hosting the first-ever international exhibition on Muslim lifestyle, amid hopes to attract interested people from across the British island.

“The Expo is a great opportunity to showcase the growth of all the Muslim lifestyle sectors to an international audience,” Tahir Mirza, founder of the Expo, told Khaleej Times.

“The exhibition is aimed at being a family-friendly and culturally diverse event and to promote the positive and vibrant aspects of British Muslims.

“Our aim is to showcase the value of the Muslim lifestyle in a fun and enjoyable way and is an inclusive event for all and welcomes people from all faiths and backgrounds The Expo is a perfect platform to connect businesses to consumers who are seeking growth in this lucrative sector from across the world especially as the UK is a key market.”

The Muslim Lifestyle Expo will be held at the Ricoh Arena on from August 1 to August 2.

The two-day event will showcase over 70 exhibitors from different sectors such as fashion, food and drink, travel, finance, creative arts and health and beauty from across the world.

It aims at attracting consumers from UK and international companies looking to tap into the growth potential of the Muslim lifestyle sector.

Other sections of the exhibition will feature a live fashion show called MLE Live, an innovation hub for aspiring technology entrepreneurs, seminars, workshops and a kids zone.

Britain is home to a sizable Muslim minority of nearly 2.8 million.Read more here:evening dresses online

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As an amputee, I can't believe that I was stopped for wearing flats at Cannes

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Last weekend I was denied access to the Cannes Film Festival’s evening gala premiere of Gus van Sant’s film Sea of Trees. Having been warned I might not get in with “those shoes”, I was prepared to be stopped and have to explain why I was not wearing high heels.

I did not expect to wait on four separate occasions before getting a final OK to step onto the red carpet and enter the Palais de Festival.

Four times of Show and Tell. Four times of explaining that with a missing toe and a partly amputated foot, heels are not an option. Then again, I shouldn’t have needed a reason; I shouldn't have needed to explain at all.

So what is this Cannes Film Festival story on dress codes really about? As actor Emily Blunt has said – it's disappointing that this even needs to be discussed in 2015. Heels are like any other limiting form of attire and should not be required anywhere, not for stewardesses, not in any other workplace – and the festival is a workplace for most of its guests.

To begin with, it's not written anywhere that women have to wear heels. However, everyone knows that you can’t wear any old shoe and that you do you risk being denied access. The festival has decreed at different times “heels required” and “heels not required”, and also that staff have been “reminded” that heel size does not matter. But as the reports surrounding the screening of Carol show, the rules are still unclear.

So how does a woman get safely onto the red carpet?

Long dresses, short dresses, trousers – the changing restrictions of female formal dress leave a large amount of uncertainty as to what goes in any year. Add shoes to the combination of personal interpretations of formal, and it can get you sent away with an unused gala ticket. What a waste, when the purpose of the whole event is seeing and talking about films!

Wouldn't it be classier to offer clear signals on what is or isn’t allowed, and to allow for a certain freedom of interpretation? In the spirit of art, culture and equality?

By chance, I have become a voice speaking up for many of my film industry colleagues who have been stopped, inspected, denied access or sent back to change. Unless you have a visible reason for wearing flats, as I do, you may well end up losing the argument and have to wave goodbye to the gala screening.

Sexist. Silly. Stupid. Out-dated. The experience of the red carpet is walking maybe 200m in a tight crowd and then up the stairs, being ushered along and told not to stop and take selfies, so the carpet is empty again as fast as possible before the stars arrive. So it seems silly that one hour of queuing, relatively out of sight, and a maximum of three minutes of walking on a red carpet are worth all this attention on footwear. Who looks down? The cameras don’t, the crowd can’t, and the rest of us look around – with most trying to steal a selfie anyway. Who could seriously care less about what we wear on our feet?

Film and fashion walk alongside each other at the Cannes Film Festival and fashions change, so the authorities should come forward and simply state the logical and right answer: thanks for supporting our festival and the films – wear flats, wear heels, wear what you like! Just come and join the celebration!

I love Cannes because it is a crazy, wonderful, exhausting festival that attracts a broad crowd of people from all around the world. But the festival's policies should reflect this, and be more in tune with their audience.Read more here:cheap formal dresses

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