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Julianne Hough: Dancing is more than exercise

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Julianne Hough says dancing is "the best workout you can get".

The 26-year-old is known for her slim frame, which she flaunts with regular energetic routines both on stage and on Dancing with the Stars.

And Julianne said in a new interview with Women's Health magazine that she credits her svelte physique to dancefloor activity - which she says is better than any other exercise regime.

"I feel like dancing is the best workout you can get because you're working out muscles that you can't necessarily get just lifting weights," she told the publication. "To get my cardio in I'll do a lot of twists to get my obliques going and my heart rate up and then a lot of cha-cha moves because that's all about your core."

Julianne opened up to the magazine as she showed off her figure in a series of sexy swimsuits.

The stunning blonde also spoke about her personal life. She is in a happy relationship with Canadian hockey player Brooks Laich and says that when it comes to spending time with her beau, she is happy doing anything.

"We love going on day dates or staying in," she said. "He wants to dance so bad and literally wants me to teach him every single day so while we're in the kitchen we'll be dancing around with music playing."

The pair are incredibly low maintenance when it comes to romance. And Julianne said she believes relationships are all about spending quality time with your partner.

"We make our own dates," she said. "We don't have to go somewhere to have a date night."Read more here:black formal dresses

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