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When were YOU last given a Vogue cover?

Vogue readers are less than impressed with the magazine's latest issue, which features a somewhat unnatural photo of 48-year-old Nicole Kidman on its cover.


So what started out as a proud moment for designer Marc Jacobs, 52 - who made the dress that the actress is posing in - turned ugly when fans took to Instagram to criticize the picture.


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After he posted a snap of the cover on his personal page yesterday, Marc Jacob’s followers chimed in to compliment the dress - before sharing their disappointment that the Oscar-winning actress wearing it doesn't quite look like herself.


Appearing on the front of the iconic fashion magazine's August issue, the Bewitched star looks a bit bewitched herself - by the magic of Photoshop, that is.


Many people are calling out Vogue editors for excess photo editing, charging that Nicole looks nothing like the beautiful woman they've grown to love in films like Practical Magic and Eyes Wide Shut.


So though Marc was excited to show off the cover, which shows Nicole in a stunning backless dress embellished with sequins in a multicolor floral pattern, he didn't quite get the positive response he's used to.


But instead of focusing on the stunning actress in an equally stunning gown, his followers quickly commented on the seeming overuse of photo-editing tools.


'At least they didn't Photoshop the detail from that amazing dress!' wrote one, offering an optimistic view on the debacle, while another made the point more harshly: 'Terrible photo, bad makeup, awful photoshop, surgery gone wrong or just a bad day!!!!! [sic].


Some noted that the expression on Nicole's face looked rather unhappy, writing: 'She does look miserable and totally uncomfortable.'


On Vogue's Instagram page, the same photo fetched similar comments, with complaints that the magazine relied too heavily on Photoshop and made Nicole's mouth look, to put it simply: 'very different'.


Marc, clearly unaware that he waded into hot water when he shared the snap, took the opportunity to defend Nicole as well as the fashion magazine, writing: 'All you haters... When were you last given a cover of Vogue? Damn people have a lot of negative energy..!! [sic]'


All of the controversy surrounding the cover image has shifted attention from the actress' interview with the magazine, which touches on the loss of her father last year and even her relationship with her ex-husband, Tom Cruise.


'When I was with Tom, I don’t remember paparazzi sitting outside our house . . . not like now. This is different,' she said while discussing the ever-present flash of photographers' cameras.


The Aussie star also participated in one of Vogue's famous '73 Questions' videos, in which she takes viewers on a tour of her Australian farm.

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