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20 years after WE Fest wedding, couple keep traditions alive

While some WE Fest attendees were wondering how or if Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton would address their recent "D-I-V-O-R-C-E," one couple was celebrating their 20th anniversary where they said their vows.


On Aug. 5, 1995, Jane and Glen Hines exchanged vows under a tree near the ranch house in the midst of WE Fest. While Little Texas was playing in the background, the newlyweds, she in a white wedding dress and a white hat and he in dark pants and a long-sleeve white shirt, put on a show of their own.


After they exchanged vows, music fans asked to have their pictures taken with the newlyweds. Twenty years later, they created the same buzz. Wearing T-shirts that proudly stated, "Married at WE Fest" with pictures from their wedding on the front and back, random strangers came up to congratulate them. One woman came up to show off her Alive in '95 mug.


"We're clowns. What can I say," said Jane. "The older you get, the braver you get."


"We're getting the crowd cranked up," Glen said.


Twenty years ago they just wanted a simple wedding with their friends.


So, why get married at WE Fest?


"I didn't know any better. He did," Jane said, gesturing to her husband.


"It didn't cost us anything," Glen said.


That and the WE Fest staff was willing to work with the couple to make their special day memorable. The staff worked with them on catering the event, decorated the tree they were married under, gave them VIP seats and invited them onstage.



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The weather Friday was similar to what it was like 20 years ago.


"It was hot. We were lucky it didn't rain or storm," Jane said.


"I thought it was great. We had a lot of fun. It's the same group of people ever since," said Kevin Hines, Glen's son from his first marriage.


Kevin took his dad to his first WE Fest in 1992 and met his wife, Susi, there. The couple from the Twin Cities was sitting with Glen and Jane on Friday afternoon.


Their experience that day made them determined to return every WE Fest since. The cowboy hat Glen wore Friday has the pins from all of the shows.


The hat Jane wore Friday was the same she wore 20 years ago.


While they still attend the concerts, their experience is different 20 years later.


"It means we can't move as fast as we used to. Especially up that hill," Jane said, pointing to the path from the concert bowl to the ranch house. "We can't stay as late. We can't close the shows. We didn't think anything of it two years ago."


Even if they can't stay for the whole headlining set—Miranda Lambert was scheduled to start at 10:45—they'll drive back from Moorhead again today to see another day of music.


While they love country music, it's the space at Soo Pass Ranch that's just as meaningful.


"Every year we come back to say hi to our tree," Jane said.


Their song was "Keeper of the Stars"

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