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First Christian Church Prom Dress Resale continues to grow

witnessed the magic.

“I just love it. It's such an exciting time. It's so fun.”

Vance volunteered with the First Christian Church Prom Dress Resale since it began, watching the growing success each year. After outgrowing the church basement in the first three years, 2016's event filled the Zion Lutheran School basement in Palmyra.

Nancy Goellner, fundraising chairman at First Christian Church in Palmyra, checks dresses in for the sixth annual Prom Dress Resale on Thursday, Jan. 28.
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Nancy Goellner, First Christian Church fundraising chairman, got the idea for the Prom Dress Resale during a trip to a similar event in Monroe City with her oldest daughter. After pitching the concept to fellow members of the church, the event began with 100 dresses. The sale soared to include more than 270 dresses in 2015.

“Just judging by tonight, I think we're going to exceed that,” Goellner said.

Now in its sixth year, volunteers accepted dresses for the resale, talking with each participant about whether the dress was a donation or would carry a price tag with a firm or negotiable price. Dresses will be accepted from 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, Jan. 29. The sale will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, Jan. 29 and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 30, at the Zion Lutheran School. Goellner said participants would receive money on Saturday if the dress sells, or they can take the dress back if it remained on the rack.

The dresses spanned a seemingly endless array of sizes, designs and materials.

Shimmering sequins.

A multi-hued rainbow of satin, chiffon and knits.

By 7 p.m. on Wednesday, dresses lined the racks for proms, winter formals, the Jack of Hearts dance and pageants.

The prices ranged from free to about $200. Many of the dresses were worn once, and they often carried a price tag with half the original cost or less, Goellner said. Some people donated dresses, which Goellner said would be free or very affordable.

“You want to help the girl find the right dress, the perfect dress,” Goellner said. “We've had a lot of smiles over the years.”

Tina Seago carried 15 dresses in for the resale, nine of which were prom dresses from her two daughters. Seago said her daughters bought dresses at the event in past years, and she noticed people come from all over the area for a “great community service.”

“The nice thing is the price,” Seago said. “They're going to be priced affordably.”

Carrie McKinney started volunteering a couple years ago, cherishing the interactions with fellow volunteers from the church and all the people who come in. And everyone brings in endless beauty through their donations and sales.

“My favorite memories are when the dresses come in,” she said. “They're beautiful. It just makes you want to try them on yourself.”

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What a sweet treat!

Catching a glimpse of supermodel Heidi Klum in the flesh would be a treat for any fan.

But at a promotional event for the 42-year-old's latest lingerie range in Sydney the beauty made sure the experience was extra sweet.

Heidi's helpers: Models, dressed in her wares, joined the businesswoman to help promote the new range 
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On Thursday Heidi was seen handing out ice cream to her admirers from a truck covered in branding for her Heidi Klum Intimates range and retailer David Jones.

Ever the modelling professional, Heidi used her props to her advantage and was seen holding an ice cream cone up to her mouth pretending to lick it.

The mother-of-four used the opportunity to show off her fabulous figure in a super tight navy dress.

But while Heidi covered up she was joined by scantily-clad models dressed in lingerie from her new range

Taking to Instagram to document the event, Heidi uploaded a picture of the ice cream truck to the social networking page on Thursday.

Along with the image she wrote: 'Had a blast handing out @heidiklumintimates lingerie cones today at @davidjonesstore ! Thank you to everyone who came out! #heidixdjs #heidiklumintimates #heidiklumman

In addition to her underwear range, the mother-of-four recently revealed she would be expanding her line to include swimwear.

Taking to Instagram to document the event, Heidi uploaded a picture of the ice cream truck to the social networking page on Thursday.

Along with the image she wrote: 'Had a blast handing out @heidiklumintimates lingerie cones today at @davidjonesstore ! Thank you to everyone who came out! #heidixdjs #heidiklumintimates #heidiklumman

In addition to her underwear range, the mother-of-four recently revealed she would be expanding her line to include swimwear.

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how big should your wedding be

When it comes to your wedding, you should get to invite every single person you want. But unfortunately, it's just not that simple. From family needs to venue constraints, there's a lot to consider before you make yourfinal count. Here, our experts reveal the key points you must consider before you decide just how you're your bash will be.

Consider your budget.

How Big Should  Your wedding be?
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According to Kelly Heyn, owner of SociaLife Event Planning in New Jersey, your budget should be the number one factor in how large your guest list grows. "Without a realistic goal on what you would like to spend, you will not know how many guests you can even afford to invite," she points out. So create your budget first, she says, by calculating your largest costs and even the smallest expenses that can quickly add up.

"Typically, couples only think of the venue when they consider their guest count, and tend to overlook the little things," Heyn says. "But with more guests come the additional expenses of invitations, stamps, favors, stationary, transportation, and even larger cakes. Consider all of the extras when you are factoring your guest list as they quickly add up." Should you find at any time your guest list has grown past your budget, "I advise going down in guest count to allow yourself to get the wedding of your dreams," says Alicia Matsumoto, owner of Bespoke Design.

Consult your families' must-invite lists.

Your guest list is not the only one you'll have to consider, say Heyn and Matsumoto. Both of your families will likely have people they'd like to see in attendance. "After you have an idea of what you would like to spend, have everyone on both sides of the family create their must list," says Heyn.

Matsumoto advises setting a limit on how many guests each family can add to their lists. "That way," she says, "no one is surprised down the road." Of course, if your families are footing the bill, expect them to have a stronger say in how large your guest list becomes. "This means sometimes they will want to invite people that you are not as close with, but just remember that they're giving you this wedding day so it's part of the price you pay," says Matsumoto. "That being said, it should not give your family free reign to invite anyone they want!"

Consider your guests' comfort.

Your venue may boast space for 250 guests. But if that means cramming in everyone so that they feel like sardines, you may want to cut back on how many people you invite, Heyn points out. "Make sure that your venue can absolutely fit your guest count," she advises. "Ask them to see a floor plan with that number of tables and seats. You ultimately want you and your guests to enjoy the wedding experience and not feel too cramped on the dance floor or bumping into tables and chairs all night."

Categorize your initial guest list.

One last tip to help you determine your final count, says Matsumoto, is to create your dream list broken down into color-coded categories. "Categorize guests into various groups from must-haves to distant acquaintances," she says. "If you find a venue or discover that your budget won't allow for all the people you would like to attend, it makes for easy editing later on." Not only that, she says, "it also helps to create rules to guide you in who should receive that coveted invitation. For example, if you haven't spoken to the person in a year or more, they probably don't need to be on your guest list."

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