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Makeup artists divulge model beauty secrets backstage at New York Fashion Week

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Behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week, makeup artists and stylists have been working overtime to get models ready for their closeup.

Yes, these makeup mavens are the keepers of the cosmetic secrets for how models maintain their camera-ready glow. Here are a few things we learned this week:

-A pucker that pops: Skip the fancy brushes and applicators. Backstage at the Salinas runway show, makeup artists perfected models' burgundy pouts with just their fingers. For best results, use the ring finger. Why? The ring finger typically is weaker than the others, meaning it provides just the right amount of pressure for dabbing on colors and blending.

-A twist on the classic French manicure: Here's a nail art trick seen backstage at Alice + Olivia that truly is D-I-Y. Take French manicure strips (you know, those disposable stickers that serve as a guide for the traditional French manicure white tip) and apply them diagonally across the nail, starting from the base. Polish around the strip with the desired hue, and wait a couple of minutes to dry. Then, carefully remove the strips, and voila -- a cool, easy negative-space manicure.

-Just a touch of Vaseline: If opting for a bold lip, skip the eye shadow to prevent makeup from appearing too heavy. Instead, give eyes a little lift and sheen with a simple sweep of Vaseline across the lids.

-Perfecting the bold brow: The strong eyebrow trend doesn't appear to be going anywhere in 2016. Get it right by not going too heavy-handed with the eyebrow pencil. Look for one with a feathered tip (Stila Cosmetics has some options), and then fill in the brow by stroking upward stroke by stroke.Read more at:formal dresses

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