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Move over salesgirls or salesmen, in today’s ‘branded’ era, the malls are chockfull with fashion consultants, beauty advisors, key customer representatives, and coming close to the old tag, sales executives.

The mall culture in Chandigarh has made big brands setting up their shops, creating a host of job opportunities. Being part of the sales staff is no mean task — long hours (anything between 6-9 to more) of standing, dealing with quirks of customers to meet the intended sales targets — yet, there is bunch of people who wouldn’t opt for anything else.

Vimal is a sales executive at one of the hi-end jewellery brands in one of the glitzy malls in the city. A fancy hairdo, sparkling badge on his well-ironed shirt, he approaches his customers with a friendly smile and mannerism that makes them shell out more from their wallets than originally intended. All in tune with the latest cuts, colours, trends, he softly strikes a conversation that starts with the client’s requirements and suggests accordingly.

This bachelor in business administration graduate hails from a small village Dhalara in Himachal Pradesh and none in his family can even pronounce the name of the brand he works for, but this job has been his lifeline. “The salary is good, there are incentives and I am on my own,” shares Vimal. “While women take forever to make up their mind, men are quick and decisive,” admits this guy adding that their store policy to exchange in seven days is a huge plus. Did we warn you he is pretty persuasive?

Shapinder is only few months old in the city but regulars at Elante know this girl with zest for life. A fashion consultant at Superdry before; she is currently the store manager with Kiehl’s and she sure loves her job, well, at least a major part of it.

“My work brings me face-to-face with people from different walks of life and apart from knowing all about skin, I am keen on human behaviour,” says the girl from Bhatinda. Armed with a degree in sales management, Shapinder worked in stores like Oroton in Sydney before she returned to her country. Working in Australia was way hassle-free than in India, she points out.

“Here, people work extra hours without being paid for it, back there I would get 1.5 times the sum if I put in extra hours,” says the girl, who except for taxing job of emailing reports, is cool with it.

Farah works for a leading cosmetic brand and she loves the start of the shift as she gets to doll up for the day. A beauty advisor, she has a diploma in basics of cosmetology from ITI, she loves sparkling Elante as an escape from her home in Bidi Colony near Sabji Mandi where her father works as a vendor.

“I know my products like the back of the hand and it gives me a big high helping someone look and feel better,” says this girl, super confident of attending to her high profile clients, which she credits to her product training.

Herself a shopaholic, Saliha, with masters’ degree in English, got into sales by chance and is enjoying every moment of it. “I am in love with clothes and bags and my work ensure that I am the first one to know what’s being rolled out from the brands like Armani,” says this happy, bubbly girl, an associate at Collective. Daughter of a bank manager, Saliha had to do her bit of convincing-the-parents-routine, and grudgingly they agreed. Product training takes her to Delhi every few months and for you all wanting to step in her shoes, she says that you need to be hardworking, passionate and…pretty, she giggles correcting herself to ‘well groomed’ to be in the field!Read more at:white formal dresses

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