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The graduation dress

My daughter has her grade 8 graduation this year.

My daughter is very excited, my wife is in tears cause her baby’s growing up, and all I can think is they never wore cheap formal dresses like that at my graduation.

The picking of the graduation one shoulder formal dresses can be quite a ritual, which neither I nor my son understand, but we were told we’re not supposed to.

Fortunately we didn’t have to go through the mail experience with them, although it felt like we were there all weekend as pictures and text messages were flying.

Finally she sent through a shot of herself in a shiny blue sparkly thing.

I had to take a step back to realize it was my daughter looking more like a little lady than my little girl.

I couldn’t help but go to my ‘Dad default’ position and said, nice, but where’s the rest of it?

Does it come with a jacket or shawl? What’s holding it up?

Does it come with straps?

Does it come with a tarp, or better yet, a burlap sack?

I love the dress, it’s what it attracts that scares the hell out of me.

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