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Inspired by rich traditions

ATTRACTIVE Bridal collections by Ravi.
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His work is a mix of classic silhouettes with a touch of modernity and reflects grace and style in terms of its detailing and the colour palette. “I was always inspired by the culture of my hometown Rajasthan. I landed in Kolkata to pursue my Chartered Accountancy, but probably destiny had its own plans, and I somehow started to craft my own designs and clothes. I combined my inspiration of Rajasthan and blended it with the richness of Bengal and slowly started my label in October 2014, ”says Ravi.

Considering that the festive season is approaching, his latest collection revolves around the same and he says his focus is on bridal and trousseau wear. He says, “This collection will offer customers elegant yet modern pieces for the pre and post functions. We try to keep the fabrics always rich in its appearance. So fabrics like raw silk, ‘tussar’, ‘muga’ and embroideries are the ones we always experiment with.”

The hues focussed are dark and bold. Colours like red, blue, white, mustard and different shades of these are often used keeping in mind the festive theme. The collection offers an array of choices for both the bridesmaid and the bride.

And it is not just women, they are also offering a collection of smart capes and jackets for men to experiment with.

“My forte lies in embroidery. With the rich ‘karigari’ in West Bengal, we are trying to innovate and give variation to this embroidery,” adds Ravi.

Pointing out that the fashion industry is not that easy and glamourous as it looks, he says that there are always different challenges that come up every day. On a hopeful note, he says, “I guess that’s part and parcel of the industry. You just need to cope up with it.” He advises young designers to love what they do.

“Never give up on what you do best and always try to push your limits. There is no alternative to hard work,” says Ravi.Read more at:evening gowns

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