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High on fashion

People of Bengaluru open to trying new styles, believes Anaka
(Photo:cocktail dresses)

Located at the heart of the hip street 12 Main Indiranagar is designer Anaka Narayanan’s boutique, Brass Tacks. Possessing a unique design sensibility, Anaka’s creations are meant for the modern woman. “Brass tacks is a no-fuss, no-frills brand. It is meant for the ambitious, evolved woman who wants to live a full life, and is rooted in tradition with a global exposure.”

Anaka, who previously worked as an analyst in New York and then moved to Chennai, speaks about the inspiration behind her Spring Summer Collection. “I have taken different Banjara embroidery techniques and put one on top of the other and created a digital print.” The unique and wide-ranging colour palette includes electric orange, teal, various shades of green, what brown, pink blossom, among others. The apparel includes boxy crop tops, centre patch blouses, collared patch dresses, angular seams dresses, and myriad silhouettes. “There are classics that are well-cut, safer silhouettes. Then there are dhoti dungarees and sleeved jumpsuits.” The fabrics too are varied, including khadi, linen, bemberg, and modal.

Her other collection, Resort 2015, is inspired by the Japanese Boro technique. “Last year, I made a trip to Japan and noticed they would wear patchwork of an old heirloom piece. They cut all the bits that still looked good and sewed them onto something else.” Taking the theme and incorporating it into a wide spectrum is quite a creative challenge. But Anaka has done this with élan in her Boro collection. The blouses in particular are some of the most comfortable and stylish. There are other surprises, such as the hand woven cotton distressed jeans. They look classy and are of course, comfortable. “I make sure we have transition pieces which a woman can wear to work and then later for an evening out with friends.”

The Chennai-based designer says that Bengaluru is an amazing market because women here are open to trying out new styles and experimenting. Taking care of operations, planning and design are challenging and that is why Anaka thought it more prudent to collaborate with other, younger fashion and textile designers. “In the last year and a half, the look of the brand has evolved.”

In keeping with the label Bass Tacks, i.e. getting down to the basics, the cuts are well defined and the fabrics of the best quality as they are washed before tailoring to ensure no shrinkage. “A lot more designers are taking pride in Indian textiles. It’s no longer bridal wear.”

Indeed, the touch of the contemporary Anaka lends to her creations, such as pocket blouses, contrast lines, hand-stitched pin tucks and pleats make Brass Tacks stylish, not merely trendy.Read more at:marieaustralia

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