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Minimalist mama

In the summer of 2016, fashion designer Patty Ang turned 24 years old. She also shot to international fame when actress Andi Eigenmann landed on Vanity Fair’s best-dressed list sporting Patty’s pristine white jumpsuit with a flowing, floor-length cape at the recent Cannes Film Festival.

At her atelier in Makati, Patty sits behind her desk, recalling the career milestone with equal parts giddiness and bewilderment; suddenly, she was receiving calls from prospective clients abroad, inquiring if she could make clothes for them.

Changing the subject, she asks if her simple white top, which she designed herself, will do for her photo shoot. A white top is this designer’s trademark look. “People who know me well know I’m a jeans-and-white-shirt kind of gal,” she says. “That’s what I wear almost every day!”

Her simplicity in style is also apparent in her beauty regimen. Patty—who has smooth, poreless skin—says, “I make sure to wash and clean my face well every time before heading to bed. Just lotion, moisturizer and sunblock every day do really well for your skin!” Her very basic skincare system is not without reason: “I honestly don’t use many beauty products, as I had a scare before. When I was younger, I got the worst breakout after using some beauty products.”

Patty hopes to impart her philosophy of minimalism one day to her daughter, Alexa. “Simplicity. I will always and forever stick to the classics and basics. They never get old. Simplicity is beauty.” For now, this doesn’t seem to be a problem, since her daughter is still very young and appears to look up to mom. “Oh, she is very easy. She likes doing what I want,” observes Patty. “It’s so easy bonding with her during dinner, sports and shopping.”

Still, Patty encourages Alexa to assert her uniqueness whenever she can. “At this stage, I let her be,” she says. “I want her to discover things on her own. I want her to find what her true passion is. I don’t expect our passions to be the same. I would be happy if they were! But if they’re not, I just want her to find out what hers is. I think being passionate about what you’re doing is very important.”

Aside from designing clothes that make it to best-dressed lists, Patty is passionate about traveling. Of her penchant to pack up and go, “I make sure after working hard, I reward myself!” she says. Her favorite destination is Europe. Like her polished designs, the continent evokes timeless beauty. Swears Patty, “I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of it.”

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