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Handcrafted beauty

For Harmeet Arora, her jewellery brand Rheet is all about celebrating traditional designs in a contemporary style. The brand that was launched in January 2015 is now known for beautiful metal-based handcrafted jewellery. "All the collections are trendy and traditional at the same time," says the Odisha-born designer, who is now based in Bengaluru. She likes to keep her creations simple and elegant, and lets the designs do the talking. "Since gold jewellery cannot be used for daily wear, I wanted to create jewellery pieces that were simple enough to be worn to the office and dressy enough for a wedding at the same time," she says. The hallmark of Rheet is the interplay of textures that she does in each of her jewellery pieces.

Small Beginning

Harmeet, who pursued jewellery designing as a hobby while in the US, started making fancy jewellery pieces with beads and semi-precious stones after shifting to Bengaluru. She retails through her Facebook page Rheet and her collection includes earrings, rings and other jewellery pieces. She reveals that encouragement from friends, and her own need for a brand that was niche yet not too dressy, were two other factors that contributed to her launching Rheet. "I started small with earrings, beads and a few other simpler things. As people liked them, I started creating necklaces, bangles, anklets and bracelets as well," she says. Harmeet uses different materials in her designs, that range from traditional Indian style to middle Eastern, native American, Bohemian Gypsy, contemporary and modern. In tradition Indian jewellery pieces that she creates, Harmeet uses Rajasthani Meenakari, Kundan and Dori. "As colours impact designs greatly, I use a variety of them in every jewellery that I make. The challenge is to combine colour and design in the best way possible," she says. Harmeet handpicks her raw materials herself, often from her travels.

Craft Perfect

Her latest collection comprises stunning 'Jhumkas' that can be teemed up with both Western and India outfits. Harmeet uses Kundan, pearls, beads and polymer clay to fashion the ear pieces that are finally ornamented with 'Meenakari' (enamelling). She is also working on large necklaces and bangles that are created from silk threads, Kashmiri beads and semi-precious stones. The necklace collection also features Meenakari pendants mounted on silver, which are strung on rows of silk threads.

Unique Designs

So how does Rheet stand out? "While there are a lot of similar jewellery being sold, I have always made products that are unique. No two designs in Rheet are the same. Every piece is unique and has got a story and inspiration behind it.

Often, I mix and match different styles or design traditions. I draw inspiration from nature, day-to-day life and other cultures. All the pieces are handcrafted," she says. Harmeet currently has dedicated customers both in India and abroad and among the various items, her earrings sell the most. "So, far the journey has been really good. I am planning to open my own jewellery store soon. I have sold some jewellery pieces in the US and other countries. It would be good to take the brand to different parts of world," she says. Harmeet, however, does not make customised jewellery. "Every thing that is created in my studio is from suggestions that customers make. I have been lucky that they are liking my work," she signs off.Read more at:green formal dresses | yellow formal dresses

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