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Hand-painted dresses on display at wedding exhibition

Hand-painted dresses on display at wedding exhibition
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Four fashion designers will showcase their collections at a wedding exhibition in South Jakarta, which also features wedding decorators and other related businesses.

Six hand-painted dresses by prominent Indonesian designer Billy Tjong are set to be displayed. They are part of a collection of 18 dresses with the theme “Secret Garden” that will be showcased at the event on Sept. 4.

“They will be dominated by a brownish-gold color,” Billy, who is also a professional photographer, said on Tuesday, adding that he would hand-paint the dresses himself.

Previously, Billy enjoyed quite a success when he launched black-and-white dresses using the same technique. “Hopefully this collection will be well-received by the public.”

Other designers showcasing their collections at the event are Ivan Gunawan, Jeanny Ang and the young and talented designer Kimberly Tandra. Each of them brings a different theme to their work.

Inspired by Bollywood movie Bajirao Mastani ( 2015 ), a group of 15 dresses by Ivan Gunawan is called Ahisma. “Most of them will be in gold and have more lace; they will also fit the body,” said Ivan, whose showcase will be on Sept. 2.

Meanwhile, designer Jeanny Ang will adopt “Pure” as her theme. With 10 dresses in the show, she will use shades inspired by pearls. “[The pearl] will consist of different colors, such as dusty pink, light gold, broken white and pastel,” she said, adding that the highlight of her showcase on Sept. 3 would be her ball gown designs.

On the same day, Kimberly Tandra will exhibit 20 garments in the Atmospharia collection, which is inspired by the sky. She describes them as modern, luxurious wedding gowns with blue as the major color. “For the detail, I use leather birds instead of lace,” she said.

The wedding exhibition is currently being held at the Ritz-Carlton Jakarta in Mega Kuningan. Slated to run until Sept. 4, it hosts 51 local vendors and showcases famous local designers. The vendors include wedding decorators and businesses offering invitations, jewelry, wedding cars and wedding cake.Read more at:plus size formal dresses

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