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Ashima Singh opens up about inspiration and her first stand alone collection

It’s been a while since the creative force behind designer duo Ashima-Leena, Ashima Singh hopped on the solo bandwagon and the designer is already out with her first stand-alone collection.

We spoke with the designer on the sidelines of Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017, where her former partner, Leena is showcasing her latest collection

under the label Ashima-Leena. We spoke at length about her latest collection and the inspiration behind her solo journey.

According to Ashima, her latest outing is dedicated to a woman who stands on the bridge of time, between yesterday and tomorrow, reinterpreting ancient craft into contemporary fashion – garments in a glorious palette of colours steeped in vintage richness. The inspiration is the melting pot of ‘The Silk Route’ with influences from Uzbek, Turkey, Mongolia, Persia and India.

Ashima has woven together a collection that brings alive a rich cultural lexicon, the central theme being festive elegance. Strong design plays with impact and silhouettes weave and mesh together. Versatile co-ordinates like long jackets, angarkhas, waistcoats, cholis, tunics and draped tops are teamed with lehenga skirts, wraparound saris, sarong dhotis, shararas, flowing trousers and more.

Quizzed about how enriching has her solo journey been so far, Ashima quips, “At times, we become complacent in life and that’s something you get rid of when you are out in the open, on your own. I feel I have the right to do things on my own, my way rather than depending on somebody else.”

“I must confess I do have my share of panic attacks, but then it’s time to come out of the closet,” adds the designer.

Asked about what inspires her, the designer explains, “It all comes from the heart. A creative person seeks inspiration from everywhere and at times we get lost in the rut of producing collections after collections but then, working simultaneously on many things is precisely what breaks the monotony and unleashes the creativity.”

Without delving much into her past, the humble Ashima leaves us with a thought for the day, especially for people who are struggling to break away from the shackles that bound them by saying, “Have faith. God helps, people help and support. In fact, at a stage in your life when you need all the help from all the spheres, you’ll garner it from people you least expect to help and the friends you always bank upon, somehow they disappear.”Read more at:formal dresses adelaide | plus size formal dresses

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