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The new fitness address


Popular trainer Azaraiahz conducted an interactive and informative discussion followed by “Fitness Fashion Show” on the occasion of the opening of the new Azaraiahz’s Gymnasium on Road no3, Banjara Hills. The event was attended by "Miss Asia international” Rashmi Thakur.

Speaking on the occasion Azhariahz says “Price is constantly quoted as a reason not to join a gym. We have removed this hurdle. We also recognise that people sometimes need to adjust their fitness activity to fall in line with other events and circumstances taking place in their lives.

For example, a wedding or a holiday may prompt a desire to lose weight while a hectic work schedule may render regular gym attendance impossible. To accommodate fluctuating needs we have done away with contracts making it easier for people to come and go as they please.”

“The icing on the cake is the workout hours are flexible. There are a huge number of people in our country that have work schedules and family commitments which make it difficult for them to visit a gym during the day.

To make it easier for these people to get and stay fit and healthy we make our facilities available around the clock,” he concluded.

Speaking during the launch Rashmi Thakur said, “Being healthy is Lifestye” and beauties are made in this beast cage of Azariahz Gymnasium.”Read more at: | formal evening dresses


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