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A Tattooed Girl's Guide to Summer


A Tattooed Girl's Guide to Summer

It's finally holiday season! Sunny days filled with outdoor activities, adventures and the beach are surely on the cards. Whether you're planning to perch on your balcony or by the beach all Summer long, spending plenty of time outdoors is on the cards. It's probably no surprise that holiday season is one of the most popular times for people to get tattoos. And while it's great to get tattooed in Summer (so you can show it off), it's important to take special care to heal and protect it during high UV ray and sun exposure periods. The sun can not only damage your skin but can permanently damage tattoo pigmentation too, changing the tone of certain colours. If you're thinking about inking up this Summer, there's a few things to know for protecting your new tattoo. We asked one of Australia's leading tattoo artists, Kian Forreal, for the six tips to know before getting a tattoo this Summer .

Allow plenty of time to heal before exposing your tattoo to the sun.

New skin — such as that over a freshly healed tattoo — has little to no natural UV protection. It's key to ensure a healing tattoo is properly covered to protect the wounded skin and preserve the colouring.

Apply white zinc cream to protect and reflect UV rays from your tattoo.

The reflective nature of white zinc offers the best UV protection for a tattoo. If you can't cover up with a shirt, white zinc is your next best friend.

Apply sunscreen liberally to prevent your tattoo from fading.

If white zinc isn't available to you, protect your new tattoo with a sunscreen that has a minimum of SPF 30. Don't be hesitant to reapply more than instructed.

Wear clothing to cover your ink.

Lightweight fabrics like cotton will allow your skin to breathe, while adding an extra layer of protection for your tattoo. It's important to remember that UV rays can pass through light clothing, so applying white zinc or sunscreen underneath clothing is key.

Moisturise regularly.

Keeping your skin hydrated will keep your tattoo looking beautiful and keep the lines looking crisp. Bio Oil is great for tattoos as well.

Apply bug spray.

Don't apply bug spray directly to your tattoo, but applying around the tattoo and to your whole body will prevent you from getting bitten by mosquitoes and prevent potentially ugly marks on your tattoo.Read more at:


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