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‘The Fashion of Islam’ set to arrive at the De Young Museum



The De Young Museum has attracted huge crowds with Jean Paul Gaultier, Oscar de la Renta and Yves Saint Laurent shows.

The museum’s new manager Max Hollein has now scheduled “The Trend of Islam,” his first important show, set to take place in the autumn of 2018.

The theme of the show was entitled “Beliefs, Vogue, Fusion”.

“There are folks who don’t even believe there is any trend in Islam,” Mr. Hollein said.

“But in case you take a look at Beirut, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia, the trend is extremely energetic, also it may address to larger societal, political developments and ethnic comprehension”, added the expert.

Another show will feature sportswear and Islamic streetwear, focusing on the prohibit controversies of the burkini which have blighted the shores of France.

Hollein worked on this project by using the De Young’s costumes and fabrics curators to “put together a number of specialists and scholars to develop the project, regarding the real history of culture and also regarding the part of style”.

In the designer featured department, trend exhibits frequently depend on sponsorship in museums in America, making the show appear to be an extended ad campaign.

In this situation, Mr. Hollein said, funding hasn’t yet been lined up.

“Honestly I do want to finance immediately because we would be skewed. We will not be collaborating in this way with anyone”.

“We need to use the exact same scholarly rigor that we might apply to old masters”, added the manager.Read more at:short formal dresses


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