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Pippa Middleton is preparing for her upcoming nuptials that have recently been revealed to be set for May of this year. The beautiful sister to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is said to be keeping her wedding to James Matthews a small and intimate event, but due to her party planning skills, it will likely still be extravagant and lavish. Many anticipate the occasion to be the wedding of the year.

Rumors swirled that there was a feud brewing between Pippa and Kate when the engagement was announced over Kate’s involvement in the ceremony. These rumors have been stamped out as false, yet it is the case that Duchess Kate will not be a part of the wedding party out of respect for her sister on her big day.

Royals experts indicated that it would be poor etiquette for Kate to be in the wedding party due to her likelihood of stealing the spotlight. Kate is, however, probably going to do a reading at the occasion.

More rumors have since begun to circulate regarding worries the Queen has about Pippa’s future in-laws being linked to the Royal Family. James’ brother Spencer is known for some questionable antics and has been on various U.K. reality programs which the Queen was reportedly not fond of having ties to. The latest rumor involves Queen Elizabeth’s apparent disgust about the Matthews’ intentions to use Pippa’s connections with the royals to their own advantage and profit. Celebrity Dirty Laundry shares this claim about Spencer’s latest starring role on a reality show and Pippa’s worry that he may use his connection to the royals as a topic while on the show.

The publication goes on to suggest that Kate Middleton has also been nervous and frankly embarrassed about the Matthews’ and Spencer’s behavior and that she has been distancing herself from her sister due to this. However, this rumor and that of the supposed worry of the Queen and Pippa are yet to be verified.

What is known is that Kate Middleton and Prince William have been very busy and even though they usually are on a getaway in Mustique over the month of January, this year they returned to their royal duties early to help out the Queen who has been sick. Additionally, despite possible worries about Spencer Matthews and his ongoing antics, Pippais excited about her upcoming nuptials, as the Irish Independent shares, and will likely be just as stunning as her sister was on her wedding day, when she acted as her maid of honor back in 2011.Read more at: | evening dresses australia


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