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Fashion notes: Lace makes a lovely return


Fashion notes: Lace makes a lovely return
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Lace is one of those tricky grey areas of fashion. While it’s a recurring fabric in the markets, season after season and decade after decade, it’s also one that, for some, sounds a bit icky, bringing up memories of cheap and itchy childhood dresses. For others, it’s welcomed, but these women often go overboard with the textile, so much that it can lack taste, class and overall style. If you recall, a very pregnant Kim Kardashian once wore a black lace bodysuit, and while her intent may have been to appear empowered, the look wasn’t one bit flattering.

Right now, however, there are some fantastic lace offerings in stores, and many would be perfect for this weekend’s race festivities. No doubt inspired by the Gucci movement, these designs combine Victorian undertones with eclectic, modern-­day attitude. It’s a marriage of inspirations that works astoundingly well, and has provoked brands across the board to follow in suit.

Parisian label Claudie Pierlot’s new capsule collection puts the spotlight on lace, in sorbet shades such as salmon, mint and tea-pink, and silhouettes play with ruffles, panels and peplums. Stradivarius also has some pretty frilled lace tops in store, while Zara’s latest range includes subtle peek-a-boo options – where a hint of lace is used as a trim under a hoodie or dress.

Where things get murky is when lining is done away with altogether, and lace garments are made completely sheer. A few years ago, a customer’s instinct would tell them simply to wear a skin-coloured tank top or subtle bandeau underneath, but as you may have noticed, many women today aren’t so discreet, and would much rather take a more flamboyant approach to wearing lace. No judging here, but think about which woman you want to be – alluring and elegant, or, well, the other kind.Read more at:formal dresses melbourne


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