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What I wore this week: soft jackets


‘The soft jacket can be worn in the evening without giving it away that you’ve come straight from work.’
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The big news this week is that I’ve finally cracked shoulder-robing. I don’t mean I’ve mastered how to do it (still struggling with how not to crick my neck, drop the jacket in a puddle, or both), but I’ve figured out what it means. Shoulder-robing is to the serious jacket what a rolled sleeve is to the crisp, white shirt. It is power dressing for an age obsessed with soft power.

And we really, really are obsessed with soft power. This is a relatively new phenomenon, and a shift that permeates everything. It is why first ladies are 21st-century megastars – the role itself is the quintessence of soft power. It is why we are less interested in what Taylor Swift wears on stage than what she wears at the airport. It is why it is more alpha to be wearing leggings and trainers at noon on a Saturday than it is high heels. It is why the middle name you give your baby is more of a status symbol than the make of your car these days.

The jacket is the carapace of power, and we are much more interested in the soft underbelly now. The modern way to look alpha is to wear your jacket less like armour and more like a campfire blanket. Which is fine, except sometimes the passive-aggressive narcissism of modern life makes you want to scream, and at other times you just really want to carry your bag on your shoulder like a normal person, instead of pretending that clamping a full tote under your arm is in any way comfortable.

Which is where the soft jacket comes in. It has the soft power silhouette, while still having functioning sleeves. It may have a dressing gown-style belt, or the kind of floral print you associate with a holiday wardrobe. With no shoulder pads and no structure, it can be worn in the evening without giving away that you’ve come straight from work. It also works as a wedding-slash-party, later-when-it-gets-chilly layer, which is an important and underserved category. It is shoulder-robing without the drama. Make it your wardrobe’s next power move.Read more at:formal dresses adelaide


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‘Idea is to embrace fashion, not be intimidated by it’


After drawing much attention at the ongoing Cannes Film Festival with her style, our home grown fashionista Sonam Kapoor has now launched Rheson, a quintessential Indian clothing line along with sister Rhea Kapoor. The brand, which was launched recently in Mumbai in collaboration with Shoppers Stop, features t-shirts with candy cigarettes and other motifs, considered synonymous with the ’90s. The clothing line is created for the young, and boasts of a definite quirk factor (the collection comprises palazzo saris and cape maxi dresses in mogra print). Excerpts from a conversation with the Kapoor sisters:

Tell us about Rheson and the process of creating it.

Rhea: It took us about two years to bring this together. The line is very us. This is how we dress. Sonam had been flooded with offers to put her name on stuff, but none of them felt right. It was Sonam’s idea to start something of our own.

Sonam: I’m very aware of the fact that people follow us. So whatever we had to do, it had to be authentic. We thought we had a responsibility. And what better way than to do it with our very own story.

The line is a throwback to the ’90s, but the designs are quite contemporary. How did this blend come about?

Sonam: Since we are not trained designers, it’s about curation of a wardrobe and not just clothes . In this collection, we have been inspired by things we grew up with — candy cigarettes, pencils, geometry boxes among others. We all had these things. It’s an ode to our pop culture.

Rhea: The aesthetic of the brand is a balance between the modern and the traditional. The idea was to make a girl embrace fashion and not be intimidated by it. There are mogra print maxi dresses, a red vintage dress, also t-shirts and denim jackets among others.

Are there things about each other that annoy you?

Sonam: I don’t understand why she (Rhea), likes Keeping up With the Kardashians. I have never watched it. And, even though it looks as if my sister dresses like a bum, 99 per cent of the time she is way more fashionable than I am.

Rhea: She is a nerd, I am not.

How seriously do you take the fashionista tag?

Sonam: Initially, I never understood why girls like my fashion sense. I was just being myself. Rhea and I didn’t go out there to prove a point that ‘Oh my god, let’s be fashionable.’ I used to wear whatever I wanted and when Rhea came back from college and started styling me. She knew that I had been overweight at some point, and that I was still not comfortable with my body, so she gave me clothes that I was comfortable in. And many a times they did not conform to the ongoing trends.

You have been credited for making Sonam a fashion brand. Your comments.

Rhea: I have only styled her in what compliments her body type. There have been times when people have asked her ‘why don’t you wear sexy clothes? Why do you wear saris so much. They make you look like an aunty’. But I have only dressed her in what she is comfortable with.

Tell us about working together.

Sonam: We have been working together for so many years, that we are now in complete sync. Given that we have made films together, and manged to remain best friends, we are set for life.Read more at:formal dresses australia | formal dresses sydney


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Fashion retailer automates merchandising


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Soft Surroundings is making moves to create more customer-centric assortments.

The St. Louis-Missouri-based fashion retailer’s goal is to help customers maintain their unique sense of style without sacrificing comfort. This was becoming a challenge through its spreadsheet-based planning processes. With an eye on driving more customer-centric assortments across its growing chain, the company knew it was time for a change.

“We have experienced significant growth in our stores, and were fast finding that our traditional spreadsheet-based approach did not give us the real-time view into store performance,” said Laura Barrett, senior VP of operations, Soft Surroundings. “We were operating more on gut feel, and needed much more visibility into how our customers shop and what they purchase.”

Ready to overhaul this manual processes, Soft Surroundings leveraged JDA Allocation, a solution that enables the company to custom-tailor its merchandise, all the way down to size, based on the way consumers shop its stores. The transition positions the chain to fuel growth and improve sales across all its channels — stores, catalog and e-commerce.

The platform also will ensure that the correct amount of merchandise is being distributed within the correct channel or location, leading to better inventory levels, reduced out-of-stocks, and improved customer satisfaction. Overall, JDA Enterprise Planning will help Soft Surroundings create sales and inventory goals that will help them boost sales, while minimizing financial risk across the channels in which they operate.

“We selected JDA Enterprise Planning and JDA Allocation to take us to the next level of omnichannel retail planning, giving us the ability to plan while optimizing inventory and maximizing profitability,” Barrett said.Read more at:formal dresses


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