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Fashion tours in vogue in New York City


Joline Mujica, Head of Trends & Tours, WindowsWear, talks about the emerging trend of Fashion Tourism and how more and more fashion aficionados are coming forward to relish this unique experience.

Fashion Tourism entails people travelling to and staying in places outside their usual environment to enjoy, explore, experiment and possibly consume fashion. This trend is gradually gaining popularity as a sought after niche in the tourism segment. Cities like New York, Paris or London cater to new tastes in garments, shoes, bags, accessories, shopping and give fashion enthusiasts an opportunity to savour the experience of a destination’s culture that is reflected through creativity, art and innovation.

According to Joline Mujica, Head of Trends & Tours, WindowsWear, “Fashion tours have become more popular in the same degree that fashion has become more mainstream. The luxury market is no longer for the wealthy so the demands on the industry to shift and adjust have only piqued more interest for the average traveler to invest their time in learning about fashion.”

“The WindowsWear Fashion Window Walking Tour is a great way to do exactly that. 60 million people travel to New York City every year. Alongside Paris, we are the largest global fashion capital in the world so the room for growth is huge. For the past few seasons designers have adopted a direct to store runway trend which can result in a seamless combination of speed, mobility, and accessible pricing for the consumer”, she adds.

Takers for fashion tours from India

India is the second largest producer of silk after China and third largest producer of cotton. With such a background and surplus, it's only natural that fashion would be of cultural interest and no other city delivers the world’s best designers in such close proximity as New York.

New York as a fashion capital of the world

Fashion is one of the world’s most important industries driving a significant part of the global economy. In 2016 the fashion industry reached $2.4 Trillion in total value. If it were ranked alongside individual countries GDP the Fashion industry would represent the 7th largest economy. Steadfast cities like Paris, London, Milan, New York, will always be meccas for the fashion industry but more and more we're seeing emerging markets in Tokyo, Madrid, Berlin, and Dubai which is very exciting!Read more at:evening gowns | bridesmaid dresses online


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