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Dark and playing the part

WE wield fashion always as a way to tell a story without the use of words and have fun with it. But sometimes, it can be wielded to cause a stir.

By fusing classic techniques with contemporary silhouettes, fashion designer Bree Esplanada presents his collection that is all things quirky, writhing with dark humor—and a little bit of shade.

It’s a capsule collection that I did to feed my soul as an artist,” Bree shared. “For this collection, I was inspired by the tailoring of menswear techniques of the ‘60s juxtaposed with modern feminine couture gowns.”

When asked what the process was like in making the ensembles, he said: “First, I decided on the silhouette which is made up of baggy jackets, pants and form-fitting gowns. Last, I designed the embroidery which are eyes in different sizes to depict that she knows and sees everything.”

Bree envisions the one who dons these ensembles to be the epitome of a self-sufficient woman. “It’s a story of an independent woman who would earn her own money without the help of sugar daddies and benefactors,” he said candidly.

But more than that, this is inspired in a way by a woman’s allure, her talents, her wits and could even be, the tricks up her sleeve—her feminine wiles.

What is fashion, after all, but an avenue to be wild when it comes to expressing oneself and bringing the truth and emotions to life. In this case, this is a collection brimming with self-expression and chock-full of attitude.

“I want people to see my brand as a lingering narrative of dark poetry,” he said.Read more at:formal dresses brisbane | formal dresses melbourne

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