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Sanjukta wonders floor Hollywood, stars to sashay in Assam silk

After showcasing the pride of the Assamese people — Assam silk — to platforms like the ‘Femina India Wedding Show’, ‘National Asian Wedding Show’, ‘India Fashion Week London’ and winning the ‘Global Indian Icon Award 2017’, designer Sanjukta Dutta is taking her exotically fabulous designs in Assam silk to the most prestigious ‘Cannes Film festival 2018’.

The designer on Wednesday signed the agreement accepting the terms and conditions of the Cannes Film Festival organizers. Now, Sanjukta has been asked to design dresses made of Assam silk for the Hollywood celebrities to walk the ramp at the Cannes.

Speaking to this reporter, creative designer Sanjukta Dutta said, “It is a moment of immense pride for me to take Assam silk to the most prestigious Cannes Film Festival 2018. I am selected as the ‘Red Carpet designer’ for the Hollywood celebrities at Cannes. I have been relentlessly trying to promote Assam silk and it is recognition not only for Assam silk itself but also for my humble efforts in the promotion of Assam silk in the global podium.”

She said that this year the Cannes film Festival at France will be held in the month of May and she has already started preparing her designs to present her best varieties at Cannes.

“For promoting Assam silk I need to have enough production. I found that the weavers, basically those at Sualkuchi are paid very less for which many among them have started leaving the profession. So I started providing them with food and lodging facilities for free along with health insurance and incentives for those producing more. Within the span of one-and-half year, I have been able to bring to my fold 130 weavers,” Dutta said.

She pointed out that “this has been a difficult but prestigious journey to revive the mekhela sador of Assam and take it to the global plinth.

“Celebrities take pride in walking the red carpet at Cannes, and I will be designing my silk designs for the Hollywood celebrities sashaying down the aisle. What can be a better recognition to my work? I have no words. I am elated! Thanks to people of Assam for showering blessings upon be to lift the cause,” Dutta added.Read more at:formal evening dresses | red cocktail dress

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Isabelle Duterte lets us know what she really cares about

ISABELLE Duterte’s so-called “pre-debut” fashion shoot at Malacañan Palace was crass, vulgar, tasteless, and calculating. She was packaged as a glamorous debutante, hungry not for a husband, but for celebrity status and stardom. Ordinarily, I would have loved it.

The shoot seemed to subvert the social ritual that formally marks an aristocratic young woman’s entrance into high society. It’s a ritual that needs to be consigned to the rubbish heap of hoary, patriarchal traditions of a bygone age.

It seemed to lampoon those achingly elegant Philippine Tatler pictorials of lovely young women from massively wealthy families, who get to go to the oh so terribly exclusive Le Bal des Débutantes, annually held in France. You know, the one attended by women who bear such magical names as Paloma, Monica, and Natalia Zobel, Emily Madrigal, Dominique Cojuangco, who were photographed wearing luscious haute couture Chanel, Valentino, and Vivienne Westwood ball dresses, and posed in an opulent French chateau or some swank Parisian hotel. Nobody derided them for their extraordinarily lavish spending.

Isabelle’s “coming-out” could have been a mocking send-up of all that fuss, pretense, ridiculous extravagance, and the perpetuation of an entitled elite. But it was not. There was not a tincture of satire. Not a smidgen of irony. Not a whiff of sarcasm. Not one bit of nudge-nudge, wink-wink knowingness. Not the slightest dash of caricature.

Unlike Tatler’s high society women, whose career trajectories take on board a spell at ivy league schools, stints in modeling, fashion and interior design, some philanthropy, some business management, some broad interest in the arts, and spectacularly long and successful periods of breastfeeding their children, Isabelle harbors far loftier ambitions. She is aiming for showbiz glory.

Who can blame her? She’s just a kid. She says she’s 17, but she could actually be only 15, if any credence is given to the date of birth given by Google, which states January 26, 2002. We don’t yet know whether Isabelle is any good at acting, singing, or dancing. Talent and hard graft hardly matter anyway. So far, if the many Instagram pictures of herself in Chanel ballerina pumps, Gucci sneakers, and Celine dresses, are anything to go by, her vocation seems to lie in wearing hundreds of thousands of pesos, or over $11,000, worth of designer clothing and shoes.

Isabelle Duterte

How she is able to afford this is the question. Isabelle is the daughter of Paolo Duterte and his first wife, a Muslim woman named Lovelie Sangkola Sumera. The latter, a Muslim, is said to be a trader in used clothes and jars. It’s whispered that she was involved in smuggling activities, at least while she was married to her former husband.

As the vice mayor of Davao City, a job he has held since 2013, Paolo draws a salary of just under P900,000 a year. He is, however, suspected of engaging in big-time smuggling – everything from luxury cars to rice, oil, used clothing, and drugs, in particular, shabu. He is known to wear a hefty timepiece on his wrist, a gold Audemars Piguet watch valued at P1.9 million. There have been calls for him to reveal the contents of his bank accounts and a check on his net worth, which he has so far refused. Nobody can tell Paolo what to do. Like his father, President Rodrigo Duterte, Paolo gets away with murder. You can read that last phrase figuratively, if you wish.

For her fashion spread, Isabelle wore several ball gowns and a dress by Filipino designers. A team of make-up artists and hairstylists, under the direction of celebrity stylist Jeff Galang, was hired, as well as the photographer Lito Sy. Miguel Syjuco, the internationally acclaimed novelist, thought it might be fun to find out their price tags. “Conservatively,” Syjuco estimated, “the bill for services may be in the ball-park of P175,000.”A couple of the dresses, he discovered, were modestly priced, and may have cost between P25,000 to P200,000. The red ball gown, Syjuco states, was “a little different.” Designed by Garimon Roferos, whose atelier is in Dubai, Isabelle’s blood-red ball gown was encrusted with Swarovski crystals and looked as heavy and unyielding as a suit of medieval armor. One can hardly move, let alone dance, in such a dress. In fact, it’s probably not a dress at all but a building, a formidable castle where doves nestle in the tallest turrets. If Isabelle owns the gown, she would have paid upwards of about P600,000, excluding the cost of flying to Dubai and hotel accommodation for two fittings. The total cost comes in at roughly between P800,000 to P1.1million. Just where that awful amount of money came from is not something Isabelle will worry her pretty little head over.

She’s hired the hotshot talent agent Annabelle Rama, who has a bunch of lackey stylists and photographers on speed dial. Since Isabelle is a Duterte, getting permission to romp about Malacañang, and to strike nonchalant poses in front of the presidential seal, would have been a piece of cake. The fact is, a lot of people thought this was a good idea and made it happen.

Poor Isabelle. Nobody seems to have told her how deeply unfashionable and distasteful it is to flaunt one’s privilege, to be utterly callous and indifferent to inequality and injustice, and to behave with so much effrontery. She seems to be totally oblivious to what other girls of her age are worried about. News of how so many young women found a voice and spoke out against sexual harassment, spoke truth to power, seemed to have passed her by. Girls like 14-year old Shibby de Guzman who was named by Time magazine as one of the 30 most influential teens of 2017. Shibby took to the streets wearing a cardboard sign around her neck in imitation of the ones disrespectfully placed on bodies of drug war victims. Shibby’s sign read: “We are all possible drug pushers.”

Isabelle’s photo shoot tells us a lot about the extent of her horizon. She wants to be a big star. So, she was pictured absolutely and sincerely reveling in profligacy and power. Pose. Shoot. Post on social media. It’s a wrap.Read more at:princess formal dresses | mermaid formal dresses

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Modest Fashion show in Abu Dhabi

(Photo:green formal dresses)

Yas Mall recently held a fashion show that put the spotlight on the ‘modest-wear’ whose popularity is fast spreading around the world.

Called the Modest Fashion Weekend, the event which was held from December 7 to 9 featured catwalks and interactive sessions by international brands including House of Fraser, Debenhams, H&M, Marks & Spencer and more.

As the name suggests, ‘modest fashion’ is clothing that conceals rather than accentuates the shape of the body.

“We came up with the event to champion clothing that focuses purely on the personality of the individual wearing it. With the support of our retailers, we offer a range of modest-wear, without losing out on glamour,” said Shatha Al Romaithy, marketing manager of Yas Mall.

Celeb power

A special guest for the event was the UK’s Mariah Idrissi, who is touted as the world’s first hijab-wearing model. She gained recognition after appearing in H&M’s “Close the Loop” campaign wearing a hijab. She said that ‘modest fashion’ is appealing to all women. “I think this trend will last long,” she said.

Designer Fadwa Baruni from House of Fraser said that her collection, which featured flowing gowns and long sleeves, were inspired by the elegance and feminism displayed by the women in this region.

Apart from the catwalks, the show had styling events, pop-up shops and photo booths for women to update their styling sense and get tips on this new concept.

“Although ‘modest fashion’ has been a key trend in the region, we are noticing that women of different nationalities are also trying out the concept,” said Al Romaithy.Read more at:purple formal dresses

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