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The tie-in technique of bridal evening dress

A spring,

The effect of spring evening wear is to feel warm, transparent and clean.

1. Skin tone: light ivory, warm beige, delicate and transparent.

2. Hair color: bright as silk, soft tan and chestnut. Soft hair.

3. Eyes: light like a glass ball, bright tea, yellow jade, and white eyes.

Tie-in technique: this season's evening dress color can't be too old or too dark. The bright tone that should choose warm color system, should follow bright contrast principle in colorific collocation. Suitable colors are: green, peach, beige, lemon, coral, mint, ivory, etc. If you choose the red color, it should be orange and orange.

Second, the summer

Summer evening dress collocation effect is let the bride's eye is downy, give a person with relaxed and implicit feeling, suit to take the cool color department of blues.

1. Skin tone: powdery white, milky skin, brown skin with blue tone, skin of wheat.

2. Hair color: soft black, grayish black, soft brown or dark brown.

3. Eyes: soft eyes, soft eyes, brown eyes and dark brown eyes.

Tie-in skill: the evening dress of this season, color should be tonal with blue, choose soft and quietly elegant color. Pay attention to avoid contrast too big tonal, it is better to carry on the collocation of thick and weak in the same color department, the effect is better. Suitable colors: purple, milky white, powder purple, water blue, sapphire green, jade blue, rose red, etc.

Three, autumn

Summer evening dress collocation effect is let the bride give a person with rich and rich, noble and mature feeling.

1. Skin color: porcelain ivory skin, deep orange, dark camel or yellow orange.

2. Hair color: brown, brown or copper, chocolate.

Eyes: dark brown, brown, white with ivory or greenish white.

Tie-in technique: the bride in autumn should appear as mature and luxurious, this season evening dress the most appropriate color is aureate, moss green, orange and so on color. If you choose red, choose brick red and color similar to dark orange. The tone of autumn evening dress is the composed tone of warm color system. So, rich and luxuriant color can foil the temperament of mature nobility. Suitable colors are: all orange, maple leaf red, leaf green, bean paste, golden yellow, cream white, etc.

Four, winter

The effect of summer evening dress collocation is the feeling that bride gives a person pure and clear, strong and cool.

1. Features of skin color: white or olive, with tawny brown. You can't see the color of the red in the cold.

2. Hair color characteristics: black shiny, dark brown, silver grey, deep wine red.

3. Eye features: black and white eyes, sharp eyes, dark black eyes, and brown eyes.

Collocation technique: the first choice that chooses bridal evening dress in winter should be pure color. Because of the four seasons color collocation, winter evening dress is the most suitable to use gray, black, pure white 3 kinds of color, among other colors, Tibetan blue is ok also. When choosing red, can choose red, wine red rose red. Suitable colors: black, grey, pure white, Tibetan blue, wine red, rose red and other pure tones.Read more at:pink cocktail dresses | royal blue formal dresses

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