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Chic Brides Wear Hats!

It's a fact that hats are having a moment. We've seen them on the runway; we've seen them on the royals; and, now, we're seeing them on the chicest of brides! As you'll see in the real wedding photos below, these ladies were not afraid to experiment with the nontraditional hair accessory. And, oh, how we're here for it. But before you call a milliner and throw away your dreams of wearing a beautiful lace veil, let's talk about how to translate this fashion-forward look for your big day.

First of all, there's a time and a place to wear such a hat. And we think that time is during the pre or post-ceremony portraits! Why? That's the time to experiment with your look in a way that you won't regret years from now. (This is a new trend, after all.) Also, who wants straw in their face as they're reciting teary-eyed vows? And secondly, let's discuss the place. It's best to consider the setting of your wedding when selecting a statement hat. (This is another reason we suggest this look for portraits, when you're roaming around the grounds for pics.) For instance, a neutral felt hat works well for in the mountains or countryside; a frayed straw hat is perfect on the beach; and an elegant sun hat is what garden wedding dreams are made of.

We'll let you decide which look is best for you—as long as it matches your personal style and venue—so keep reading for more examples (and photos!) from real brides. We hope you take inspo from these chic ladies, channel your signature style, and make this trend your own. Seriously, we can't wait to see what you pull out of your hat.Read more at:formal dresses | cheap formal dresses melbourne

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