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Tips to stay happy all day

Tips to stay happy all day
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Staying in shape and being happy is easy

Happiness is a state of mind. But to retain it is not as difficult as it appears. Health and happiness are directly proportional to each other in most cases. So if you are healthy, then it's incredibly easy to be happy too. Here are some easy to follow tips on how to be happy and healthy:

Diet smart: Recent research shows that women who consume a lot of protein at breakfast rarely snack on high-fat and high-sugar foods in the evening. Eggs are packed with protein and the yolks are high in vitamin B12, which helps regulate mood.

Sweat it out: Physical exercise is important and some brisk walk/jog will give you instant energy and a happiness boot in the morning. So get dressed in your jogging gear and the hit the roads. You'll feel invigoriated and good all day!

Beat the sun: Apply sunscreen lotion/crem with SPF to cover your exposed skin and prevent sun tan. In winter too, sunscreen is needed to protect skin from chapping.

No binging: At work or home, there are times when you are thirsty but you assume you are hungry. Drink lots of water. Avoid caffeine. Your craving for food will reduce.

Chew gum: If you are stressed out a stick of sugarfree chewing gum can be a mood enhancer and make you feel energized. Studie say that chewing gum helps the brain mute the stress response to noise.

Car posture: If you have the luxury of a chauffeur, then roll up a towel and put it between your lower back and the car seat. This will help you sit straighter and avoid hunching over, a common cause of back and neck pain.

Eat right: Vitamins A, D, E and K need fat for your body to absorb and store them—and your evening meals contain the highest amount. Ask your doc to check your vitamin D levels. You may need a supplement.

Foot spa: Before bedtime, bathe your feet in hot water for 15 minutes. This will give you pain relief and help you relax. Afterward, apply foot cream or lotion to keep skin moisturized.

Early to rise: You will be less likely to switch off the snooze button of your alarm if you have to physically turn it off. Snoozing in the morning makes you grumpy and exhausted, so it's better to rise and shine instead and begin another day.Read more at:MarieAustralia formal dresses perth

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Chocolates in moderation can keep you healthy

The sweet delicacies not only help in preventing ageing and ensuring proper blood flow but they also help in losing weight and making you happy.

It's that time of the year when chocolates are everywhere, so enjoy the delicacies without thinking twice as some of the research conducted by different brands suggests that chocolate can be good for you too, reports

Cocoa helps in blood flow: The main ingredient in chocolate contains a wonderful antioxidant called flavanol, which is found in plants. Scientists at head quarters of chocolate brand Mars Bar teamed up with the University of L'Aquila in Italy to find that these antioxidants can increase blood flow to the brain. The higher the cocoa content in your chocolate, the better it is for you.

Brain power: Scientists discovered you could have the brain power you had 20 years ago, if you consume plenty of flavanol-rich cocoa. To make the most of its health benefits, stick to 'healthy' variants with at least 70% cocoa.

Prevents ageing: The antioxidants found in fruit and vegetables, which help fight free-radicals that lead to wrinkles, are just as potent in cocoa-rich chocolate. Some research suggests that chocolates could be even more beneficial than fruit, because of their higher antioxidant level.

Makes you happy: Research published in the scientific journal Nutritional Neuroscience has suggested that chocolates can boost your mood and reduce symptoms of depression. Chocolates are also high in magnesium, which aids relaxation, and contain anandamide, a neurotransmitter that helps to regulate mood.

Lowers your cholesterol: Scientists believe that regular consumption of high cocoa-content chocolates can help lower your cholesterol and improve blood pressure. It's all thanks to flavanols and plant sterols-- both of which increase the flexibility of veins and arteries.

Losing weight: The good news is that you don't have to give up your favourite sweet treat to slim down. Having a little bit of dark chocolate helps reduce the craving for other naughty foods, making it easier to stick to your diet. Eating a piece of chocolate each day or a whole chocolate bar one-two times a week is fine.

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