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As an amputee, I can't believe that I was stopped for wearing flats at Cannes

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Last weekend I was denied access to the Cannes Film Festival’s evening gala premiere of Gus van Sant’s film Sea of Trees. Having been warned I might not get in with “those shoes”, I was prepared to be stopped and have to explain why I was not wearing high heels.

I did not expect to wait on four separate occasions before getting a final OK to step onto the red carpet and enter the Palais de Festival.

Four times of Show and Tell. Four times of explaining that with a missing toe and a partly amputated foot, heels are not an option. Then again, I shouldn’t have needed a reason; I shouldn't have needed to explain at all.

So what is this Cannes Film Festival story on dress codes really about? As actor Emily Blunt has said – it's disappointing that this even needs to be discussed in 2015. Heels are like any other limiting form of attire and should not be required anywhere, not for stewardesses, not in any other workplace – and the festival is a workplace for most of its guests.

To begin with, it's not written anywhere that women have to wear heels. However, everyone knows that you can’t wear any old shoe and that you do you risk being denied access. The festival has decreed at different times “heels required” and “heels not required”, and also that staff have been “reminded” that heel size does not matter. But as the reports surrounding the screening of Carol show, the rules are still unclear.

So how does a woman get safely onto the red carpet?

Long dresses, short dresses, trousers – the changing restrictions of female formal dress leave a large amount of uncertainty as to what goes in any year. Add shoes to the combination of personal interpretations of formal, and it can get you sent away with an unused gala ticket. What a waste, when the purpose of the whole event is seeing and talking about films!

Wouldn't it be classier to offer clear signals on what is or isn’t allowed, and to allow for a certain freedom of interpretation? In the spirit of art, culture and equality?

By chance, I have become a voice speaking up for many of my film industry colleagues who have been stopped, inspected, denied access or sent back to change. Unless you have a visible reason for wearing flats, as I do, you may well end up losing the argument and have to wave goodbye to the gala screening.

Sexist. Silly. Stupid. Out-dated. The experience of the red carpet is walking maybe 200m in a tight crowd and then up the stairs, being ushered along and told not to stop and take selfies, so the carpet is empty again as fast as possible before the stars arrive. So it seems silly that one hour of queuing, relatively out of sight, and a maximum of three minutes of walking on a red carpet are worth all this attention on footwear. Who looks down? The cameras don’t, the crowd can’t, and the rest of us look around – with most trying to steal a selfie anyway. Who could seriously care less about what we wear on our feet?

Film and fashion walk alongside each other at the Cannes Film Festival and fashions change, so the authorities should come forward and simply state the logical and right answer: thanks for supporting our festival and the films – wear flats, wear heels, wear what you like! Just come and join the celebration!

I love Cannes because it is a crazy, wonderful, exhausting festival that attracts a broad crowd of people from all around the world. But the festival's policies should reflect this, and be more in tune with their audience.Read more here:cheap formal dresses

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Louis Vuitton loosens up with flowing dresses and futuristic boho styles

Guests streamed onto the lawn of the 23,000 sq ft estate in the rugged mountains overlooking Palm Springs - a modernist vision in steel, concrete and glass swept into one structure with a giant curving arch.

These were not your usual Palm Springs residents. The fashion set, dressed to the nines and sipping champagne, had flown in from all corners of the world for one show, Louis Vuitton's second destination cruise catwalk. And for the second time this year - the first being Coachella - fashion eyes were on this quiet pocket of California's Sonoran Desert.

The front row was star studded: actresses Maggie Cheung, Zhang Ziyi, Michelle Williams and Catherine Deneuve, rapper Kanye West and model Miranda Kerr were there, as well as Bernard Arnault, LVMH's chairman and CEO. Being only the second proper cruise show for the French powerhouse brand (a tradition started under its director of women's collections Nicolas Ghesquiere), expectations were high.

Under the grand copper arch of the Bob and Dolores Hope Estate, designed by John Lautner, the models started walking out as the sun began to sink on the horizon. The romantic futurism of the setting was not lost on the guests.

(Photo:orange formal dresses)

Silhouettes were much looser than Ghesquiere has done before at Louis Vuitton, with flowing dresses tinged with bohemian attitude, loose long skirts, free yet feminine shapes cinched at the waist with wide belts crossed over at the front - some leather and with metal rivets. If most of the outfits were quite covered up, waist and hips were revealed seductively on each side. And long dresses were modernised, with zippers down the front and curious, square-cut fabric collars and sleeves.

It was a look that had some familiar elements but, Ghesquiere's alchemy rendered it bold, fresh and, dare I say it (since it can be a rarity on high-fashion runways), also rather comfortable. As eyes scanned down, we're pleased to report the trend for flats is going nowhere soon, with chunky lace-up boots and even flip-flops.

"The collection was pure and futuristic, just like the location," says Hong Kong-based celebrity stylist Sean Kunjambu who attended the show. "The desert, the cactus and the '70s vibe of the location went well with the collection."

Ghesquiere mastered many textures - romantic prairie dresses revamped with crocheted leathers (now a signature favourite at LV) or studs. Other dresses were in intricate stained glass or chain patterns. Bold, vinyl prints made it onto high-waisted shorts and tribal geometric versions, while shimmering coloured sequins lent a magical sheen.

Toughening up the look were textured bombers that were young, commercial and jaunty. A red, soft-leather dress, frilled at the collar and laser cut with LV's famous four-petal motif was one of those hero pieces that caught the eye of many stylists.

"I loved how [Ghesquiere] put a futuristic element into a boho way of dressing. Those bags are to die for," says Kunjambu.

Later in the evening, a cocktail after-party kicked off in the gardens of the Parker hotel. A surprise awaited guests in a clearing through a maze of hedges: a mini fairground and disco had been set up. Awash in neon lights and loud music, the scene was like a celebration of vintage Americana. Guests let loose, crashing into each other on bumper cars and enjoyingDance Dance Revolution machines at the arcade centre. Others formed a line to play the claw machine, which offered LV pouches and purses as prizes.

This kind of destination gala is becoming popular among the biggest luxury fashion brands. Chanel led the way years ago; Dior did something similar in Cannes, and Gucci will soon follow suit.

Away from fast and furious fashion weeks, where the democratisation of fashion makes it seem a lot less exclusive than before, the expensive endeavours of destination pre-collection shows have become a key spot on the calendar for monopolising the attention of VIPs and press.Read more here:yellow formal dresses

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Summer kit for your handbag

Summer kit for your handbag
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Of course wallet is a must-carry in your handbag, but apart from the regular stuff, one must have a mini summer kit in their handbag this summer. Check if you have these following things in your handbag before you step out in this scorching heat.

Small umbrella

Try to carry a mini-umbrella in your kit. This will help you to protect your skin from sun tan and dehydration.


One cannot maintain the freshness of the face all day this summer. But, a compact will help to an extent. Compact powder not only removes excess oil on your face, but also hydrates the skin and makes you look clean and fresh.

Wet wipes

If you feel tired or look a bit dull, just wipe your face with wet wipes and refresh yourself.

Hairpins and hair bands

In this hot sun, leaving the hair loose is not a comfortable option. Even if you do so, you may need a hairpin or a hair band to tie it up some time during your travel. So, always put a few hair pins and hair bands in your bags for an instant hair-do. Also, hair tends to be frizzy this season, so hairstyles do not hold for long and hence you will definitely need these.


It is better to be safe and avoid picking up infections.So, pin up a small sanitizer in your handbag and clean your hands as often as you need to.

Water bottle

Always carry a small water bottle in your bag. You will not know when you may need one during the day .Since parched throat might cause dehydration, this is a must-carry .


Summer means frequent sweating and deos are a must-carry to keep you fresh. Sweat also can make you stink and staying odourfree is important. Always carry a fragrant deo to smell good this summer.

Small towel

Keep a small towel in your handbag. You may wash your face and hands quite often at your work place this season, and having a small towel could come in handy in drying yourself.


Don't forget to take your sunglasses. They might be worn as a style statement during other seasons, but during summer, they help you escape the heat. Also choose glasses, preferably wraparound ones, that offer complete UV protection.


Just keep a stole, preferably made of cotton, in your handbag as this might help you cover your head when you have to walk in the sun. It also helps to protect your hair.Read more here:vintage formal dresses

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