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Students showcase designs, walk the runway at Threads Fashion Show


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Fashion Merchandising and Design students showcased their clothing lines in front of a crowd of roughly 2,000 at the 19th Annual Threads Fashion Show on April 22.

Other than the guidance of faculty adviser Ian Mull, students carried out the planning, production and fundraising for Threads. The work of 26 student designers was worn by more than 100 models on the runway at Finch Fieldhouse.

The purpose of Threads is to give students the opportunity to participate in a professional runway show.

“We channeled influences from New York Fashion Week or a fashion event you might see for retailers,” Mull said. “I try to make it as similar as possible.”

Ithaca senior Carly Coleman, the director of logistics for the show, said participants got to see Finch Fieldhouse as "they have never seen Finch before." She described the setting as “really amped up” with an interior consisting of black curtains and a black runway framed by a chain of lights.

“Finch is an old gym that is kind of worn down, but coming into the show everything (looked) so different,” Coleman said.

After 45 minutes of modeling, the show broke off into a Q&A with fashion consultant and "Project Runway" co-host Tim Gunn.

“This was a fabulous, fabulous show,” Gunn said.

Gunn discussed body shaming in the fashion industry, his experience on “Project Runway” and his thoughts on careers in fashion merchandising and design.

“This industry has no room for crybabies,” Gunn said. “Passion and love are most important."

Before the show, guests viewed the Mounted Expedition, which showcased several pieces of fashion-related artwork designed by students. Pieces included garments, fashion-related paintings, sketches and photographs.

There was also a red carpet photo booth, a merchandise table and an autograph table for special guest, “Project Runway Junior” finalist Isabella Kostrzewa.

Attendees were able to purchase T-shirts and tote bags designed by the Fashion Show Production and Promotion class.

“This year we wanted to revamp the logo and change it up. A mission for this show was to really expand our brand,” Illinois senior Anyce Harvey said. “The design is supposed to be the seven wonders of the world around a circle.”Read more at:plus size formal dresses


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Jourdan Dunn cries every fashion week


The 26-year-old model - who was discovered at the age of just 15 - has admitted the hectic period of runway shows always leaves her feeling exhausted and homesick, and she will regularly pick up the phone to call her mother Dee when she is upset.

Speaking to Grazia magazine, the brunette beauty said: "There hasn't been a single Fashion Week where I haven't cried.

"I always end up ringing my mum, crying, 'Mummy, I want to go home. These people are crazy.' "

Jourdan - who has a seven-year-old son, Riley - is very close to her parent and was devastated the first time she worked away without her by her side at the age of 18.

She recalled "I remember the first trip without her. I cried on the plane to New York. I cried at the agency, I cried at the apartment. I cried every day because I missed by family. I was scared."

And the British beauty admits she didn't enjoy modelling when she first started her career.

She said: "When I started, I honestly did not enjoy it. I didn't talk to anybody, I used to write everyone else off like, 'You're fashion people, I'm normal. You don't get me, you're not from where I'm from. '"

When Jourdan had her child, her partner was jailed for drug possession and the model credits her family for helping her get through the tough time in her life.

She explained: "The women in my family are extremely strong. My mother and great grandmother just made it work and even though I was going through so much with the fact I got pregnant, and with Riley's dad, my mum made me realise I didn't have the time to sit down and think about it and be in my feelings.

"I just had to get on with it and do it."Read more at:short formal dresses australia | formal dresses 2017


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Students create fashion line 'good vibes'


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Peter Januzelli and Dean Myrto found a common passion for fashion after living next door to each other during their freshman years.

Now, the two juniors are taking a collaborative approach by creating a clothing line to showcase in Threads Fashion Show. For the past four months, Januzelli and Myrto have bounced ideas back and forth, sketched, measured, designed and created.

“Our goal was to use lots of bright colors to spread positive vibes,” Myrto said. “We want it so people who see our clothes or wear our clothes just feel really good about themselves. We decided to use a lot of yellows, oranges and reds — really happy, cheerful colors.”

Januzelli and Myrto incorporated their own style in the collection. They wanted their designs to have a comfortable streetwear aesthetic, but also a high-fashion look to it, Januzelli said. Their collection will consist of five different "looks," including pieces such as bomber jackets and sweatpants.

They chose models whose personal styles matched their designs, Januzelli said.

“We want people to be excited about the clothes,” Januzelli said. “(Our clothes) aren’t just something to put on and walk down the runway in. We really want people to feel a certain energy and feel really good about what they are wearing.”

This will be Januzelli’s second year submitting a collection to Threads. Originally from Greenville, he said he originally came to CMU for its Entrepreneurship program. After deciding he needed to focus on a specific area, he became interested in the Fashion Merchandising and Design program and signed his minor in fashion last spring. This led to his decision to submit a collection to the show, despite not having any prior sewing or design courses.

It was CMU alumnus Zach Stoner who taught Januzelli to sew. Stoner, A Fashion Merchandising and Design student at the time, met Januzelli at a model workshop and agreed to mentor him.

“When we first started talking, Peter seemed genuinely interested in sewing and the design process,” Stoner said. “He didn’t have any sewing experience at the time but wanted some before he even took the classes. I thought that was really cool — his interest really intrigued me, along with his drive.”

Since then, Januzelli has been networking to try to get his name out in the fashion industry. He spent the past summer in Chicago working at Louis Vuitton and plans to return this summer.

Januzelli said the fashion community is "very tightly knit," and he is trying to become a part of it.

“My goal is to have my own (clothing) line one day,” Januzelli said. “I’m excited to show off my work. Around 2,000 people will see it — that’s way more (people) than posting on social media or just handing it to someone. This is a show (where) all the attention is on the runway and the work.”

This will be Myrto’s first time submitting a collection to Threads. Like Januzelli, Myrto hadn't considered pursuing a career in fashion.

The West Bloomfield native originally came to CMU as an engineering major, but quickly realized it wasn’t a pathway he was interested in.

Myrto switched his major to entrepreneurship halfway through his sophomore year and chose to pursue a minor in Fashion Merchandising and Design. He said watching his grandmother sew and make clothes while growing up developed his love for fashion.

“I wanted to make sure I was doing something I actually enjoy,” Myrto said. “Because if I don’t enjoy something, I’m not going to put 100% effort into it. Now that I am doing fashion, I really enjoy it. It allows me to be creative and I’ve always loved that.”

He said that he became interested in Threads because he loves designing clothes, and showcasing his work to a large number of people is a motivator to create high-end clothes.

“I’m looking forward to presenting the clothes and seeing people’s reactions to our work,” Myrto said. “(Threads) is a really great opportunity to show everyone what we are capable of.”Read more at:cocktail dresses australia


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