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Fashion boosted my confidence


The 42-year-old began her career as one fifth of hit '90s group the Spice Girls, which earned her the nickname Posh Spice thanks to her sophisticated persona and designer outfits. She went on to have a brief solo career, but in 2008 she decided to ditch music and set up her eponymous clothing label after fashionable stints like her collaboration with Saks Fifth Avenue, walking the runway for Roberto Cavalli, as well as modelling for Marc Jacobs.

"Being in the Spice Girls was so much fun, but I was never the best singer or dancer. I learned an enormous amount during that time, though: the staging, the lighting, the costumes - the package excited me," the British designer explained to Elle U.K. "But I love fashion - this is what I'm genuinely interested in... When I look back at my past self, (the way I dressed and behaved) was probably a sign of my insecurities. I feel quite confident in myself now - getting older doesn't bother me."

Victoria is now busier than ever with work and recently collaborated with U.S. store Target on an affordable line for women of all sizes, as well as girls, toddlers and babies, and it's set to launch on Sunday (09Apr17).

On top of that she has Fashion Week duties twice a year, but she doesn't get stressed as her former soccer player husband David Beckham is on hand to look after their four kids while she focuses on her designs.

"Yes, he's great. During fashion week, when I'm working, the children will be in New York and he's already planned to take them to museums then out for dinner on Saturday night, so he is very good at that sort of thing - as am I," she added. "That's how you can show your support in a marriage, by saying, 'You know what, I've got this.' That's what makes a good partnership."Read more at:formal dresses canberra | plus size formal dresses


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Here’s why we love April showers


Rain will not stop play for one single second this April, because we are determined to be well prepared and stylishly attired.

Optimistically, the weather is set to change for the better this month, but realistically, we can still expect to see, and feel, what April is famous for – plenty of precipitation.

If you cannot always agree with Gene Kelly that this is indeed a “glorious feeling”, you’ll just have to rely on your outfit choices to keep you dry and cheery. And that means a raincoat. Or a mac, a trench, a shower parka, an anorak, or whatever you want to call it. There are many styles and names, but one ultimate purpose: to keep you dry.

The raincoat has evolved over time from an outerwear garment reserved for walking and breezy activity to a well-respected fashion item, thanks to a few pertinent factors.

Outdoor brands that typically produced functional garments for the countryside, such as Barbour, have become adept in recent years at fashion-forward design, combining functionality with trend-led ideas. There’s far more to Barbour than the waterproof wax sporting jackets it is famous for, and the brand is beloved of country folk, townies, celebs and royalty.

Another factor in fashion’s current adoration of the raincoat is the rising popularity of sportswear, due to the ubiquitous athleisure trend. The growth of streetwear and sports luxe has gathered huge and increasing momentum over recent years, reinforcing big sports names such as Nike and Adidas as major fashion players.

Oversized windbreakers and ’90s- style coats have become a key part of athleisure uniform, adding urban edge to daywear looks.

Another factor in fashion’s current adoration of the raincoat is the rising popularity of sportswear, due to the ubiquitous athleisure trend. The growth of streetwear and sports luxe has gathered huge and increasing momentum over recent years, reinforcing big sports names such as Nike and Adidas as major fashion players.

Oversized windbreakers and ’90s- style coats have become a key part of athleisure uniform, adding urban edge to daywear looks. So, here is a guide to what to look out for this April, so you can combine damp-proofed practicality with more than a dash of street-wise (and country lane-wise) credibility.

The Metallic Mac: The High Street has lots of examples in many metallic shades. Check out New Look for starters for silver, pink and purple gleaming metallic macs, and also in patent red, navy and green, and holographic shimmering pink versions. Topshop also has some great looking versions, slightly longer in length, as well as a longer-length red vinyl raincoat, for a bold retro approach to staying dry in style. Pair your metallic mac with denims, or go for a glamorous Coachella look for this summer’s festivals by wearing over white (although maybe think twice if it’s muddy).

The Nautical Style Jacket: Inspired by fishermen’s jackets, these come in bright colours (check out the yellow Barbour version) with practical detailing such as drawstring hoods, and poppers on plackets, necklines and pockets. The Barbour one has a chic fishtail hem at the back. Marks & Spencer has a blue and white striped style that’s ideal for wet and windy weekends by the coast. But be aware that these jackets can be bulky-looking, so team with fitted and slimline clothes underneath, where possible.

The Padded Waterproof Bomber: Padded cropped jackets are still very current and a close-fitting waterproof version is ideal for teaming with jeans or wearing open slung over tunic and T-shirt dresses, for an easy urban look.

The Clear Option: Finally, if you have taken much trouble putting your outfit together and don’t appreciate the idea of having it all covered up by a mac, New Look also does a longline clear plastic raincoat, which acts as a sort of waterproof outer wrapping for your clothes. It’s a perfect festival option that might also work over party and special occasionwear.Read more at: | cocktail dresses


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From Finance to Fashion


Imagine being at the pinnacle of your career…working at a top company and earning a top salary. Now imagine giving that all up to start all over again in pursuit of your true passion.

That’s exactly what financial-expert-turned-fashion-designer Kirat Anand did. He left JPMorgan’s investment banking and finance group behind to launch KAS New York, now a global fashion house specializing in hand detailing and luxurious prints with a bohemian lifestyle twist.

While a student at NYU’s prestigious Stern School of Business, Anand worked for Morgan Stanley and Forbes. After graduation, he accepted a position at JPMorgan which, at the time, he thought was just the start of his long financial career. But after a few years in the industry, he could feel there was no energy or excitement in his life. Something was missing.

As it turned out, what Anand’s life was missing had actually been there all along.

As a young boy growing up, he was inspired by his mother’s love of fashion. Herself a talented designer, Sabby Anand taught him the skills needed to take a fashion idea from research to reality, from concept to consumer. Emboldened by this entrepreneurial spirit and his passion for fashion, Anand took the leap from Finance to Fashion and, alongside his mother, KAS New York was born.

To date, KAS New York is showcased in luxury retailers such as Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales and upscale, specialty stores like Anthropologie and Free People. Their designs can be found at worldwide resort destinations such as Ritz Carlton hotels, Four Seasons properties and Taj Hotels. Their brand is a favorite of the Obamas and the Jenners and the designs have been acclaimed in publications ranging from Refinery29 to Elle to InStyle and many more.

So how did Anand successfully transition from Finance to Fashion? And how can you achieve the same feat? I sat down with him to find out.

Draw from your experience.

When pivoting to a new endeavor, you must ask yourself, “What makes me different than the hundreds or thousands of others who have started this business before?” Anyone can go to the same school or read the same books as you. What really makes you different (and what will make your business different) is the experiences you’ve had.

“I grew up in the garment industry,” says Anand, “As a child, most of my vacations revolved around sourcing, manufacturing and production. I remember being a young kid and my parents took me to Saks 5th Ave to show me the windows which featured my mother’s designs. I thought that was amazing! Experiences like those planted the fashion seeds in me at an early age.”

Use your past experiences as much as you can in any new venture. It’s what will help distinguish you from the competition.

Understand all aspects of the industry.

Your business is like an engine. As the owner, your job is to keep it running as smoothly and efficiently as possible every day. By better understanding how everything works in unison, both small details and larger industry trends, you can make better judgement calls.

Anand explains the questions you should be asking yourself, “As a brand you need to know: Who is your customer? Is someone already servicing that consumer? Is there an opportunity there? Can you fill that void? Know your value proposition and scale it quick, otherwise someone else will.”

The more in-tune you are with what is going on in the industry, and how you can mold your business to fit it best, the greater likelihood you have for long-term success.

Learn and evolve.

One of the key traits of any successful entrepreneur is the ability to constantly learn and adapt to changing environments. This is because, regardless of the industry you are in, it is constantly evolving to meet different demands. To stay ahead of the curve and ensure your competitors don’t surpass you, a successful entrepreneur has to remain flexible and adaptable.

Anand explains, “As an entrepreneur you wear many hats. For example, a few hours during the day I might be focused on designing the collection we are going to showcase 6 months from now. And then, few hours later, I’ll be working with our awesome Account Execs on their client’s concerns, sales cycle and planning future road trips.”Read more at:formal dresses canberra | plus size formal dresses


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