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Jeremy Corbyn's fashion choices


No matter that you and your partner may never experience the particular piquancy that comes from being reunited after a three-month spell in an expensive foreign rehab clinic. In the arsenal of wardrobe options, the reunion outfit is still a handy one. Whether by rehab/prison/work trip to Swindon/silent retreat in Thailand, we’ve all been separated from our loved ones, and we’ve all wanted to greet them looking our best. Returning from a week-long holiday in Tenerife in the Nineties, I was obsessed with looking as tanned as possible for my then-boyfriend, which meant donning white dress, white sandals, white handbag and white biker jacket for my grand arrival into Gatwick.

I looked ridiculous, like an ad for probiotic yoghurt. No wonder he dumped me for a whey-faced girl in jeans.

As Kate illustrates, the reunion outfit should ideally be bereft of those showy-offy elements that comprise the average revenge look. Instead, Kate has opted for what can best be described as classic Kate: black jeans, black tux jacket, polka dot neckerchief. We’ve seen it all before, but that’s the point. It’s comforting, just as Alexa Chung’s leopard print coat must have seemed to Alexander Skarsgård when they reunited in New York. Or, er, Kim’s tactical wearing of a Pablo sweatshirt when she reunited with Kanye. Note also the eschewal of Kate’s usual pointy black ankle boots in favour of… well, you’d have to call them slippers. How very ‘I’ve just been at home waiting for you, drinking tea and watching Netflix’. And if you believe that, Nikolai, you’ll believe anything.

Corbyn Couture

First his personal style was hailed by Vogue as ‘very Vetements’; now Jeremy Corbyn has had a fashion show created in his image. Menswear designer Martine Rose used a pic of Corbyn in his now-iconic grey shellsuit as her show e-vite, while the collection itself, shown in her Tottenham ’hood, featured items that could have come straight out of the Labour leader’s wardrobe — if you discount the small fact that they will eventually retail for more than he would ever deign to spend. Grey fleeces, utilitarian cagoules, suits worn without ties and deliberately dadsy beige shorts were pure Jezza — uncool, ergo, kind of cool. What a month it’s turning out to be for Corbyn. Soon, someone will unearth an improbably handsome son who is the spitting image of Elijah Wood. Oh, wait.

Plane Randy

If there’s one thing less likely to give me the horn than flying Ryanair, I’m yet to think of it. Maybe root canal work, or a dodgy prawn. So I almost applaud the woman who was recently caught on video straddling a male passenger she’d only just met on a flight, looking to all intents and purposes as though she was en route to joining the mile high club. Friends of the woman are now insisting that ‘no sexy time occurred’ — no doubt those sitting near the couple would agree that the experience was very far from being a sexy time, and was, in fact, revolting. Needless to say, it happened on a plane bound for Ibiza. Why Ibiza flights are always full of sex-crazed hens and stags, I do not know, but if you’re bound for one, best take your own in-flight entertainment.Read more at:formal dresses | formal dress shops sydney


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A Different Lind of Pop Up Gives Costumer a Fashion Week Preview


A Different Lind of Pop Up Gives Costumer a Fashion Week Preview
(Photo:formal dresses australia)

The Journey Fashion Festival by Malena Belafonte has made a mark in the fashion industry by creating exactly what the name says, a fashion festival. The shows are creative with visuals and experiences coming at you from every angle and the surrounding events are enticing to consumers and editors alike.

In a perfectly located storefront right off of 5th Avenue, close to Bryant Park which was the former host of Fashion Week, costumers are experiencing a preview of what is to come during New York's Fashion Week in September 2017. Browse designer collections, try on gorgeous diamond dripping jewelry, sip a glass of wine while getting a make over. Meet the designers and experience what the sponsors have to offer.

Sennheiser created a great lounge to experience the newest pro audio gear and walk away with some of the most high tech headphones in the business. Meet the team behind Fly Nyon, a new helicopter experience for the thrill-seeking millennials who love taking selfies while dangling over Manhattan, Vegas or Hawaii during the open cockpit tours. Dazzle in spectacular diamond jewelry by KVO Collections and meet the designing sisters who have created a classy, beautiful and very sparkling collection that you can wear everyday as well as on the red carpet.

"We wanted to bring The Journey designers, sponsors and brands directly to the consumer," says Malena Belafonte, the Creator and Founder of The Journey Fashion Festival. "The end game for a brand is the public and the consumer, but we also wanted to stay true to our vision and our brand which is a different fashion experience from beginning to end. At our boutique you get to meet the people behind the brands which creates and promotes integrity, something that can sometimes lack in the fast paced, yet complacent industry that is the fashion industry."

Make up artist to the Stars Kim Baker is on hand for consultations and make overs. Her brand Glamazon Beauty is a new make up line for women of all color. Egami Collections takes you back in time when tailored suits were all the rage, only to throw you right into the hottest designs, fabrics and details culminating in fabulous suits. Designer Henry Picado greets everyone at the door both visually and personally with his larger than life personality that shows in every design throughout his red carpet collection. Handbags made of the softest Italian leather by designing duo Laurent & Altieri, perfect for the city yet with a European flair sums up this perfectly curated experience that is The Journey Fashion Festival. In addition to the many other brands the store has a bar, is filled with art work and features collections by Russian artist and designer PopImpressKA.Read more at:evening dresses


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Return Engagement


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When your brand is based on “being cool”, such as the Jamaican brand is, it is critical to brand maintenance that you are putting out quality content, no matter your sector. This is especially true if you are inviting the international press. Thankfully, few foreign press members were there to witness the disaster site that was last week's CFW. Where to begin? Not every designer was CFW-worthy perhaps? The horribly cut clothes or the incoherent collections? Was it the hours that patrons were kept waiting? Should Biggy's collection have been edited? Ought he to have closed? Perhaps it was the fact that people got robbed on their way back to their cars. At least that part we might be able to market as an “authentic cultural experience”.

Before we go much further, there were exceptions. The Vessel by Lois Samuels was exceptional. Jewellery designer Matthew Harris for Mateo New York sparkled. Trinbagonian designer Meiling Esau's line Meiling brought high-quality Caribbean wears. drennaLUNA and Rogue by Jeneil Williams were promising. But the question is: will these designers ever come back after such a disorganised and unprofessional event? We applaud the organisers that someone is attempting to put an event like this together, but perhaps it is time to take this design back to the drawing board.

The potential of a Caribbean Fashion Week is a no-brainer. Any fashion editor who gets an invitation to go to Jamaica is going to want to say YES. The name Jamaica sells itself, and yet we are selling ourselves short. We could have the international best of the best, the influencers, the businessmen, the industry experts at our door.

Through fashion week we could be developing a sector of the tourism industry that attracts a different set. We could be attracting the kind of creative individuals who would come to exchange ideas and take the fashion narrative to a higher level. We could have them exposing our designers and our models while in turn we could be showcasing our beautiful country to them. We could be harvesting their dollars as well as their ideas. Instead, we have terrible hemlines and robbery.

Let's be clear — the multibillion-dollar fashion industry isn't frou-frou. The clothes you might mock as silly fashion both reflect and dictate culture while simultaneously managing to employ millions of people worldwide. Fashion is a cash crop that we should be investing in. Playing on our “cool” brand we could be further developing ourselves as the epicentre of culture and style, while attracting tourist dollars and foreign investment in the process. But the spine of any fashion industry is a worthwhile fashion week. And we need one that worthily depicts the innate style that Jamaicans are genetically imprinted with.

Truly, why wouldn't Jamaica want to put itself at the forefront of the premier culture-creating, income-earning industry? The current state of CFW is not only letting this slip through the cracks, but it is also mortifying the brand of Jamaica. It's time to send this piece to a tailor and demand a better fit.Read more at:formal dresses brisbane


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