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Pippa Middleton is preparing for her upcoming nuptials that have recently been revealed to be set for May of this year. The beautiful sister to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is said to be keeping her wedding to James Matthews a small and intimate event, but due to her party planning skills, it will likely still be extravagant and lavish. Many anticipate the occasion to be the wedding of the year.

Rumors swirled that there was a feud brewing between Pippa and Kate when the engagement was announced over Kate’s involvement in the ceremony. These rumors have been stamped out as false, yet it is the case that Duchess Kate will not be a part of the wedding party out of respect for her sister on her big day.

Royals experts indicated that it would be poor etiquette for Kate to be in the wedding party due to her likelihood of stealing the spotlight. Kate is, however, probably going to do a reading at the occasion.

More rumors have since begun to circulate regarding worries the Queen has about Pippa’s future in-laws being linked to the Royal Family. James’ brother Spencer is known for some questionable antics and has been on various U.K. reality programs which the Queen was reportedly not fond of having ties to. The latest rumor involves Queen Elizabeth’s apparent disgust about the Matthews’ intentions to use Pippa’s connections with the royals to their own advantage and profit. Celebrity Dirty Laundry shares this claim about Spencer’s latest starring role on a reality show and Pippa’s worry that he may use his connection to the royals as a topic while on the show.

The publication goes on to suggest that Kate Middleton has also been nervous and frankly embarrassed about the Matthews’ and Spencer’s behavior and that she has been distancing herself from her sister due to this. However, this rumor and that of the supposed worry of the Queen and Pippa are yet to be verified.

What is known is that Kate Middleton and Prince William have been very busy and even though they usually are on a getaway in Mustique over the month of January, this year they returned to their royal duties early to help out the Queen who has been sick. Additionally, despite possible worries about Spencer Matthews and his ongoing antics, Pippais excited about her upcoming nuptials, as the Irish Independent shares, and will likely be just as stunning as her sister was on her wedding day, when she acted as her maid of honor back in 2011.Read more at: | evening dresses australia


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Nairobi fashion house to dress 30 Soya Awards nominees


National women volleyball team Technical Director David Lungaho (right) joins Malkia Strikers in displaying their ...
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National women volleyball team Technical Director David Lungaho (right) joins Malkia Strikers in displaying their team of the year in the women category during the Safaricom Sports Personality of the Year (SOYA) awards gala at KICC in Nairobi, Kenya on January 15, 2016. Photo/Sport PIcha

The glamour stakes at the 2017 Safaricom Sports Personality of the Year Awards (Soya) gala have been upped with a Nairobi-based fashion house promising on Wednesday to dress 30 nominees to the nines.

Vivienne Taa of Vivienne Fashion House has partnered with Soya organisers to dress different local sports personalities during the 13th edition of Awards that will be held Thursday (January 19) next week at the cost of Ksh500,000.

“In the world, a lot of sports people are fashion icons. Look at renowned footballers like David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. They are not your typical models but when they go for an official event everyone would like to know what they are dressed in.

“The two worlds of sports and fashion are in sync; I saw the opportunity and took it with this partnership. Soya is close to my heart because I have passion in sports and I recognize the importance of sports to Kenya and what it means to the athletes to progress and go ahead,” Taa told Citizen Digital.

The fashion house owner, 35, who ventured into fashion as a hobby before going professional last year, says she is honoured to work with top sportsmen in an exciting manner that would go a long way in exhibiting her patriotism.

She was speaking at a sponsors briefing as the countdown to the gala enters its final week in Nairobi where the event also received Ksh1.5m from the Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) and Ksh1m from the National Social Security Fund (NSSF).

“I was inspired by my love of sports and the fact that our athletes put more focus on training and good performance. Fashion, in most instances, comes as a second, third or even last priority.

“I therefore, saw a gap and took upon the responsibility of bridging it. In Europe sportspersons are fashion-savvy; why can’t we do the same here?” posed Taa.

“I believe they can lead in the fashion world too because a lot of people look upon them for inspiration. We are dressing a few at the event because of the value of the sponsorship,” she added at the Soya function.

Taa, who is the first local fashion designer to dress the country’s world-beaters, showcased her talents for the first time at the Nairobi Fashion week and is hopeful for a good start.

“I’m not sure about next year for we are a small company. However we are not afraid to make bold steps so our options are still open depending how this year will go down.” Taa said hoping to set the fashion bar higher.

NSSF acting Managing Trustee Dr. Antony Omerikwa urged athletes to also invest in the scheme since the career of a sportsperson is short and it is prudent to have a back-up plan.

“I’m glad Kenyans are not afraid to venture into various disciplines like Archery or Kabaddi. It’s encouraging to see upcoming sports men and women venture with confidence knowing they can make it,” Omerikwa added.

Public voting for various nominees is ongoing where fans are encouraged to dial *279# on their Safaricom lines and follow the prompts to cast their ballots.Read more


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London’s Men’s Shows Were a Hotbed of Political Commentary and Calls to Action


Clothing has always been political—what we wear and how we wear it has been a social issue since before the ancient Greeks—but in the current climate of international chaos, garments have taken on new meaning, able to show off in an instant the wearer’s political point of view. Nowhere has that been more obvious than at the menswear shows in London this week, where designers new and old have put political messaging front and center on the runways.

The most startling commentary came early on in the week, when MAN designer Charles Jeffrey presented looks that walked through the history of British fashion. In the mix were three gigantic papier-mâché figures designed by Gary Card, the most poignant of which came painted with with segments of the Stars and Stripes and of the Union Jack. Jeffrey called the trio of grotesque forms “goddesses,” but to the lay observer, they looked more like freaky phalli. In passing, the patriotic-printed one could resemble a nuclear warhead, too—is this Jeffrey’s way of warning what horrors might lie ahead? Maybe not—“Jeffrey was trolling,” wrote critic Luke Leitch in his review. Still, in today’s fearsome climate, we couldn’t help but see his giant creatures as eerily foreboding.

More subtle displays of our political unrest followed. Matthew Miller’s modelswore bloody red face paint and carried black and red flags during his show’s finale. He told Chief Critic Sarah Mower, “It’s about how a generation are a product of fear politics in a post-truth world. It’s created a collection of individuals who are afraid to act.” Japanese designer Mihara Yasuhiro was also thinking about fear in a collection that evoked images of Black Panthers, Che Guevara–styled Marxists, and other revolutionaries. “I look around now and see all the young people who are scared about President Trump and what that will mean,” he told Leitch.

Unsurprisingly, much of London’s creative set had Brexit on the mind. At Agi & Sam, the designers’ statement on the Brexit vote was unassuming: a European Union flag printed onto a wool jacket. Spring’s anti-Brexit advocate Daniel W. Fletcher, for his part, created a collection that sought to move on from the tumult of the EU referendum. “After such a turbulent year in politics—and all the xenophobia—I wanted to send out a positive message,” he said. That meant streamlined, luxurious clothes for a new generation of political disruptors and champions of change. Still, Fletcher couldn’t leave the politicking for the pollsters. Promotional images of his collection featured models of all ethnicities with a call to action beneath asking viewers to vote for his cast of gangly guys.

The message wasn’t muddled or minimized at Christopher Shannon’s brilliantly perverse show. Some models’s faces were covered with shredded flags, a not-so-subtle take on the crumbling state of international relations. Shannon’s clothing, too, went heavy on the messaging. One gent took to the runway wearing a black sweatsuit with a parody of the Boss International logo that read “Loss International.” His flag? That of the European Union. London’s young guard of designers might “just be making clothes,” as their detractors would say, but it’s clear they won’t go gently into that good night. Let’s see if the commentary and calls to action continue in Milan and Paris.Read more at:formal dresses australia | cocktail dresses


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