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Pushing the boundaries of the very idea of what fashion can be, the first featured look of the week isn’t so much an “outfit” as it is a pair of jeans with a hole in the crotch paired with a weirdly short bathrobe. This avant-garde ensemble moves beyond now-familiar athleisure trends (recall last season’s emphasis on exercise attire that you don’t plan to exercise in, worn so that you can buy a gross sandwich at the deli across the street without feeling like the meat guy is judging your life) to pioneer a new, leisure-leisure genre. This look powerfully evokes the experience of checking your e-mail when you’re half dressed, accidentally letting, like, two hours go by, and then quickly tossing on a bathrobe because someone buzzed your apartment, but it was just the U.P.S. guy trying to get in to deliver a package to your neighbor. Expect to see more pilly terrycloth accents and racy cutouts throughout the week!

On the second day of F.W.F.W., we saw a more direct approach, with a look that expands past hobo-chic stylings to scream outright, “I am a hobo!” A pair of Hanes sweatpants (sized for a husky ten-year-old boy), with one leg bunched up from a fitful night of sleep, plays with high-low aesthetics, while a sweater from the needs-to-be-dry-cleaned pile provides a subtly sensual silhouette of linty lumps.

Our third highlighted outfit pivots from previous themes of cozy destitution to introduce a pair of bafflingly large basketball shorts, which left celebs in the front row pondering: Where did these shorts come from? Surely no one would buy them. Did someone leave them in your college dorm during a party? If so, why have you kept them? This mesmerizing mystery garment is then shockingly topped with a crisp, tailored blazer (a cheeky reference to the fact that there are some people who get dressed like human beings every day and go to work instead of sitting at home looking like Adam Sandler after a pickup game).

The runway on day four played host to a display that at once called to mind glam Porky Pig and to a grown woman wearing a silk blouse and no pants. This foray into dry-clean-only attire, fresh from the plastic garment bag—and with the model sporting a static updo to prove it—seems to be the designer’s way of communicating “I had a breakfast meeting at nine-thirty this morning, so I’m not doing shit for the rest of the day.” The blouse creates an illusion of having put in a full day’s worth of effort, even though that meeting was just “a general” and won’t lead to anything. In all, this is a truly moving demonstration of the mix of high art and artifice that is haute couture. Because that’s what fashion is all about: creating the illusion that you are not as garbage as you actually are.Read more at:evening dresses | formal dresses

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'People are surprised by my laidback look'

Jared Leto gets more comments about his appearance when he goes for a "normal" look.

The American star has transformed himself for countless film roles, from bleached blonde locks and eyebrows in Fight Club to a face full of make-up and bright green hair as The Joker in Suicide Squad.

But away from the camera Jared doesn’t feel the need to go all out with his looks - which surprisingly gets him the most attention.

“The funny thing is that I get the most comments when I look like what people would describe as ‘normal,’” he told, using air quotes for the last word. “They’re like, ‘Woah! So normal!’ But I don’t put that much thought into my appearance, to tell you the truth. It’s usually the result of a film or a rash decision, like - I shave my head.”

Jared’s latest role isn’t on the silver screen though; fans can see him smouldering topless in a bathtub with model Julia Hafstrom in a new campaign for Gucci Guilty. His appointment follows on from fellow Hollywood star Chris Evans fronting the fragrance alongside actress Evan Rachel Wood.

Jared, 44, has spoken at length about his bond with the brand’s creative director Alessandro Michele and continued to praise the designer during his chat with Vogue.

“What Alessandro is doing is the most exciting thing I can think of in fashion right now,” he gushed. “I’m really proud to be part of a step in a new direction and happy they (Gucci) thought of me as someone who was unconventional enough to represent new choices for them.”

The ads, also starring fashionista Vera Van Erp, are set in Venice, where the crew spent a week last December (15). Jared loved every minute of being in the city and says he felt “transported to another time” with its architecture and atmosphere.Read more at:formal dresses perth | formal dresses canberra

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Model to wed in ‘perfect’ Bermuda

Many talents: Gabriela Dias wrote, produced and acted in upcoming movie Burguesinha (Photographs by Akil Simmons)

Gabriela Dias plays many parts both on and off screen. The Brazilian-born actress and model has made a name for herself as a businesswoman and fashion designer and also works with AltaMed, an organisation that assists underserved communities in California.

The 33-year-old has even more up her sleeve. Her feature film, Burguesinha, is due for release next year and this weekend she will marry fiancé Todd Trimmer.

Lifestyle caught up with her as she prepares to say “I do”.

Of all the beautiful places in the world, why did you choose Bermuda for your wedding?

I fell in love with Bermuda when my fiancé and I vacationed here. The people are always kind and welcoming. The natural beauty of the island gives me such peace, I knew this was the perfect place for my wedding.

It was very important for my family and friends to come celebrate and have a great time in natural beauty. Bermuda is the perfect place because it is so close to New York with direct flights as well as sophisticated resorts and great food. The entire environment makes me so happy. Love is everywhere!

Can you tell us a bit about the Gabriela Dias Collection?

I started my fashion line five years ago with swimwear because, being Brazilian, I thought I knew best. It was very well received in America. It got featured in Sports Illustrated a few years in a row, and CBS Miami.

I branched out to fine jewellery and cover-ups and we’re now adding some winter stuff.

Then I got involved with Covet Fashion — their spokeswoman is Rachel Zoe. They always have big names like Gabrielle Union, so when they asked me to be involved I was very excited.

I have a new online store. I try to bring in brands that are unique and difficult to find.

I started my brand because, when I moved to LA to focus on acting, I was scared of it not working out, so I decided to develop something on the side and both of my plans kind of worked out alongside each other. I was going on auditions or shooting and then coming home and drawing bikinis. It was very tiring, but exciting.

You wear many hats — model, presenter, actress, businesswoman and humanitarian. Regarding your philanthropic pursuits, can you tell us about the causes closest to your heart?

When I moved to the United States I didn’t know anyone or have any money. I worked as a maid for a while until I became a model and actress.

I am thankful for the opportunities I had and for the people that helped me along the way.

It makes me happy to be able to give back. I am on the board of several charities, but I enjoy the most helping immigrants and children. That is why I decided to support Hoop Tee, AltaMed, St Jude’s Hospital and Women in Action.

You wrote, produced and acted in the upcoming movie Burguesinha. How did you balance those major roles?

I am a very organised and driven person. I am the type of person who does not give up until I get what I want. I believe that is why things work out for me. I don’t let it go until it does.

I spent six months working with Timothy Craig on the script. Then, I started pre-production and I spent another two months working with Pamela Shae casting roles for the movie. Then, I chose my director and crew. I usually make a list of what I have to accomplish with a deadline and I just go for it.

This is the only way you can do so much in a short period successfully.

How did you get into modelling?

I never wanted to be a model. I moved to the US with the hope that I could have a better future for myself. My family was very simple and I was raised by a single mother. I guess they say the “American dream”, right?

When I was growing up, I wanted to be a journalist. When the chance of becoming a model happened, I decided I was going to make the most of this great opportunity.

Where has your career taken you?

I have travelled the world, met amazing people and experienced things I never imagined I could. I love my job and I am very thankful for all I have been able to do.

What are your future goals?

To be a better person, a loving and present mom and wife, a good boss and colleague and I want to continue having the drive to pursue my dreams.Read more at:mermaid formal dresses | red formal dresses

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