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Ashima Singh opens up about inspiration and her first stand alone collection

It’s been a while since the creative force behind designer duo Ashima-Leena, Ashima Singh hopped on the solo bandwagon and the designer is already out with her first stand-alone collection.

We spoke with the designer on the sidelines of Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017, where her former partner, Leena is showcasing her latest collection

under the label Ashima-Leena. We spoke at length about her latest collection and the inspiration behind her solo journey.

According to Ashima, her latest outing is dedicated to a woman who stands on the bridge of time, between yesterday and tomorrow, reinterpreting ancient craft into contemporary fashion – garments in a glorious palette of colours steeped in vintage richness. The inspiration is the melting pot of ‘The Silk Route’ with influences from Uzbek, Turkey, Mongolia, Persia and India.

Ashima has woven together a collection that brings alive a rich cultural lexicon, the central theme being festive elegance. Strong design plays with impact and silhouettes weave and mesh together. Versatile co-ordinates like long jackets, angarkhas, waistcoats, cholis, tunics and draped tops are teamed with lehenga skirts, wraparound saris, sarong dhotis, shararas, flowing trousers and more.

Quizzed about how enriching has her solo journey been so far, Ashima quips, “At times, we become complacent in life and that’s something you get rid of when you are out in the open, on your own. I feel I have the right to do things on my own, my way rather than depending on somebody else.”

“I must confess I do have my share of panic attacks, but then it’s time to come out of the closet,” adds the designer.

Asked about what inspires her, the designer explains, “It all comes from the heart. A creative person seeks inspiration from everywhere and at times we get lost in the rut of producing collections after collections but then, working simultaneously on many things is precisely what breaks the monotony and unleashes the creativity.”

Without delving much into her past, the humble Ashima leaves us with a thought for the day, especially for people who are struggling to break away from the shackles that bound them by saying, “Have faith. God helps, people help and support. In fact, at a stage in your life when you need all the help from all the spheres, you’ll garner it from people you least expect to help and the friends you always bank upon, somehow they disappear.”Read more at:formal dresses adelaide | plus size formal dresses

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Meet the Designer Who Launched a Hit Label From His Apartment

(Photo:sexy formal dresses)

Some of Paris Fashion Week’s biggest shows take place under the gilded rotunda of the Grand Palais, but they’re not all such spectacle-driven affairs. This spring, Antonin Tron of the freshly minted label Atlein held his in … his apartment. “My mom was there serving coffee. Some of the models were my friends,” the designer recalls.

How does an unknown designer convince high-ranking fashion editors to troop through his galley kitchen for a debut fashion show? Tron is quick to credit the adventurous American press. “On the very first day, the Americans were there because they’re very curious,” he says. “It was a bit of word of mouth, actually.”

It’s possible that Tron’s designs appealed to Stateside editors because of their classic American-sportswear appeal. “Even though I’m French — I’mvery French,” laughs the designer, “there’s something I always appreciated about American designers. They’re really good at making great product, but also they have this sportswear [approach].”

He looked to 1940s sportswear pioneer Claire McCardell for inspiration for the lineup of all-jersey looks, like a slinky dress with a cutout back and a sporty striped turtleneck that would fit right in at a 1970s chalet. Even the concept was born out of simplicity: “I worked with the fabric that the factory had in stock because I couldn’t afford to do something too big.”

Tron juggles his fledgling line with freelance consulting work for Demna Gvasalia at Balenciaga. (He’s previously done stints at Raf Simons,Givenchy, and Louis Vuitton.) Of Gvasalia, he says, “He has a very modern take on things, and it’s really refreshing compared to a lot of how the big houses have been run.”

This season, Tron will once again be showing in his apartment. “The idea is to grow slowly and steadily,” he says. “It’s not to overdo it.”Read more at:backless formal dresses

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AFL Outsider Brett Geeves on Brownlow 2016 red carpet and Dangerfield’s victory

For so many years it was all about the blokes. Brown velvet suits and a smoke-filled room that meant crawling to the exits.

The modern world has a shifting foundation — and WAGs are part of that.

That red dress from 2004. Invisible tape became a Brownlow thing, as did representing a designer and, when saying designer’s name, pronouncing it in a manner that represented your status. “Designer is from Milan, darling”. The battle lines were drawn and the Rebecca Judd Medal was born.

The award is on offer for the AFL players’ wives and partners, who are openly chasing the fame that a stunning dress might bring. Nadia Bartel is the current Beccy Medallist and showed off her form again this year in a plunging jumpsuit that if I was wearing would look as awkward as a red carpet interview with Andrew Welsh.

What concerns me most about the Brownlow is how much pressure is placed on the girls before a night like this.

There are a number of very attractive girls who commit their lives to modelling as their chosen profession and they are obviously very comfortable in front of the camera and the following critique of their dress and look.

The modern-day love of social media means those who aren’t paid models, have duck faced in front of their phones, added some pretty flowers on their head and have overly whitened their teeth. They are at least semi-prepared.

The best and worst dressed? Expect to see a number of girls chosen to be rated out of 10 in newspapers. And then again in the next edition of high-selling monthly women’s magazines.

What if you haven’t had months to spend in a designer’s den trying on hundreds of outfits to find the one that will show your curves and is the right shade? Instead you’ve had to throw on that old favourite that the kids have used as a sleeping bag for twelve months.

Is the colour in season? You’d want to hope so, because there is every chance you’ll end up being bullied by one million fashionistas from behind their keyboards — as well paid fashion gurus for media outlets who don’t know your story.

Liam Picken’s partner, Annie Nolan, wore pants and a tie. And I love her for it.

“Women have been unfairly judged for their red carpet appearance in the past, so I thought wearing a suit would get me away from the fashion police,” she said.

With the amount of awareness now around mental health, online bullying and the need for positive body messages, I am stunned that this part of the night and the ensuing assessment is handled in the aggressive and judgmental manner of the Royal Sydney Cattle Show.

And then there’s the Brownlow Medal. — the award for the best and fairest midfielder of the season.

The biggest test in this theory was Round 20 when Melbourne beat Hawthorn and Max Gawn got the two votes with Jack Viney collecting the three.

I haven’t seen a more dominant ruck game than the masterclass Gawn put on that day. His 11 marks all seemed to be taken in defence with Hawthorn’s high ball entries completely nullified by the big man’s defensive presence. He shut down their game plan and influenced the scoreboard with a goal, while his 41 hit-outs ensured his midfielders got first use of the footy.

He was the reason Melbourne won that game and it’s disappointing that he was not rewarded with BOG honours. It only furthers the perception that this is an exclusive midfielders award.

To add to the appeal of the evening ... but first, let’s take a break.

The night dragged on so long into the night that last drinks were called at the Sydney function. If you popped outside the venue to take a phone call or grab a kebab, you weren’t allowed back in.

In Melbourne, the Bulldogs were in attendance — and for the first time in 55 years they weren’t blind drunk after too many Luke Beverages, throwing the toilet lollies at each other in the foyer. They attended the night as participants of the Grand Final and as the people’s champs. We wish them well, woof woof.

As the anticipation of the award was building from Round 17, we all had visions of the fast-finishing Dustin Martin acceptance speech, particularly after he mouthed at the camera a special message to his father. At this stage, the count held some interest.

Then a band member of Eskimo Joe came on the screen and the interest was over.

The winner, Patrick Dangerfield, was the shortest priced favourite in the history of the award and was even shorter to spruik love for his teammates and how the award means nothing compared to the pursuit of team glory in his speech. He’s that sort of guy, Patty, and you can be sure that he means it.

His year was remarkable and proof of this was his chalking up the most Brownlow Medal votes ever recorded in a single season. Suggesting that we may have witnessed the most dominant season of any player in the game.

From Round 1 against Hawthorn, where he gathered 40-plus possessions, took pack marks in the forward line — but missed a number of easy shots in front of goal — his dominance didn’t taper off. He owned every game he played and you feel that as Geelong get better at supporting him through the midfield, his efficiency and ability to impact games will only improve.

Scary times for the competition.

So as the night ended and we celebrate the year of Danger, 16 teams headed to Warnie’s bar for dancing, whining about the teams in the GF and the potential of some dress malfunctions that will no doubt make a confidential piece.

The other two teams? Well they’ve got a game of footy on the weekend.Read more at:one shoulder formal dresses | red formal dresses

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