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Wedding bells bring riches to the Range

THE Range will be overrun with brides-to-be this weekend as six wedding venues open their doors for the Hinterland Wedding Summer Showcase.

The venues will host displays from more than 100 wedding suppliers ranging from florists and stylists to massage therapists and groom groomers.

Fourteen accommodation providers will also open their doors to assure couples that all their guests can be catered for in a hinterland wedding.

Hinterland Tourism president Christine Kardash said the wedding industry brought about $25 million a year to the Range economy.

"It's an enormous tourism driver because for every wedding there are the guests for that wedding so hopefully we're making such a good impression that that guest will decide to come back at another time," she said.

The owner of Montville Country Cabins said the event would highlight the Range's versatility as a wedding destination.

"There are six venues open and each of those venues has their own unique appeal, ranging from very formal to casual garden-type venues," she said.

Wedding florist Stacey Lambert is preparing three displays for the Summer Showcase.
photo:formal dress shops brisbane

"The businesses are all owned and run by individuals and families so they really have a huge investment, not only financially but personally, in those businesses."

Now in its third year, Ms Kardash said the event had proved a great way to generate long-term bookings.

She said exhibitors would be stepping it up this year with live music, demonstrations and fashion parades.

Visitors can also register for the chance to win $1500 in wedding services.

Maleny wedding florist Stacey Lambert will have displays at three venues this year.

"It's an opportunity to connect with (potential clients) face to face," she said.

"You build a relationship which you can't do normally."

Ms Lambert's business, Poppy Lane Flowers by Design, deals exclusively with weddings.

"I do it because I love it," she said.

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2016 Wedding Bells For Emma Roberts, Evan Peters?

This 2016 they're on again: Emma Roberts and Evan Peters have mended their broken hearts and are back together. Does this year mean wedding bells finally after the engagement is re-instated?

Emma Roberts, Evan Peters, Engaged
photo:formal dresses 2015

"American Horror Story" real-life couple Emma Roberts and Evan Peters are now back together, after months of being the topic of re-coupling rumors. Previous reports have speculated that the on-again off-again couple was on-again late last year, after a very public separation. People reported that Emma Roberts, 24 and Evan Peters, 28 have finally returned to each other's arms and said, "Emma Roberts and Evan Peters seem to be back together."

"They had a date night last night at Roku - just the two of them. Super cuddly, were holding hands, laughing and smiling," a source revealed to the magazine. "They looked super happy together and noshed on sushi and a few rounds of cocktails before leaving the restaurant together," it added, fueling the back-to-engagement rumors.

This month, the same media shared the update that while back in December, the Emma Roberts - Evan Peters reconciliation could may well have been speculations, it has been confirmed. "'The American Horror Story' costars were spotted throughout Malibu grabbing coffee at Starbucks, strolling hand-in-hand on the beach and enjoying their five bedroom vacation home right on the water," revealed the report.

TV3 reported that Emma Roberts even tweeted "Perfect way to start 2016," referring to spending time with Evan Peters.

The fans of the couple rejoiced at the news that Emma Roberts and Evan Peters have found their way back, and are hoping that the engagement is back on. It was in 2013 when they announced their engagement, but mid last year, both Emma Roberts and Evan Peters called it quits.

Now with news and confirmation that the couple is back together, fans have been waiting to hear engagement news and if 2016 will be the year for wedding bells to ring. After all, since Emma Roberts' wish of a perfect 2016 start with Evan Peters was granted, wouldn't it be nicer if she ends it as Mrs. Peters as well?

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It's time to get back in your little black dress for your New Year's Eve party

The Little Black dress has come a long way. The phrase was coined by Coco Chanel in the 1920s when she deemed it as “the must-have garment of the century”.

And boy was she right! Her “must-have LBD” was simple, fitted and calf-length.

It flattered almost every woman’s figure. When I say flattered, I mean it made them look slimmer. This in turn made them feel good about themselves, builded their confidence and as a result empowered them.

For these reasons, it wasn’t long before nearly every woman in the world had a “must-have” in their possession which saw the light everytime an important occasion arised.

Before Coco, black was the colour of mourning. It was associated with grief, sadness and refinement.

photo:formal dresses melbourne

Not anymore. From then on the LBD was to become the ultimate fail-safe party dress. It is a classic. It has never been and never will go out of fashion.

You can dress it up, dress it down. Wear it to work or work it on the dancefloor. And ALL of our fashion icons at one stage or another have LBDed it.

Audrey, Grace, Marilyn, Cara, Alexa, name them, they’ve worn one. I mean, have you ever seen a black dress appear in a “worst-dressed list”? I haven’t.

Have you ever seen anyone at a New Year's Eve party fixing, fidgeting or sitting awkwardly in a LBD? I haven’t.

No, they are too busy looking and feeling fabulous.

Thankfully, the LBD is back. However, it has come a long way from Coco’s ideal.

It has evolved. It no longer falls in the “play-it-safe option. LBDs are daring. They are a fashion statement.

Whether it is capes, fringing, leather or lace... get the right one and it, and you, will be the ones standing out from all the rest on the night.

Whatever you decide just make sure you make like AC/DC and get Back in your Little Black Dress this Thursday night.

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