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Belstaff Parties After Beckham Film Screening

Following the screening of“Outlaws” a new short film for Belstaff starring David Beckham, the likes of Jeremy Piven, Otis Ferry, Erin Wasson, Rafferty Law, Francesca Versace, Jillian Hervey and Paul Sculfor joined the team behind the film for tostadas, margaritas and Champagne at Bodega Negra in Soho for an after party.


David Beckham Belstaff Party London Fashion Week 2015


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The film, which premiered earlier in the evening, stars Beckham as a brooding drifter and motorcycle stuntman who is pursued by a frightening Harvey Keitel, who plays a maniacal director bent on revenge for some as-yet-defined slight.


Isaac Ferry, who got the party started with a DJ set, knows a few things about the appeal of motorcycling. “I’ve been riding a bike for 10 years in London and use it over any other motor transport. I also have a scooter,” he said. “The biggest thrill is being able to break away from traffic at lights and have the open road stretching out in front of you.”


Off the roads, Ferry gets his kicks spinning tracks at parties. “When you’re DJing, and not sure if people are being receptive or what turn it’s going to take, but then it explodes into pandemonium — it’s a total natural buzz,” He told WWD. “Actually, not dissimilar to the thrill of riding a bike at break-neck speed…”


“I used to be more of a thrill seeker, I’ve gone paragliding, back bowl skiing, white-water rafting — the things you do in your 20s,” said fashion consultant Juliet Angus. “Maybe that’s why I like to experiment more in fashion and be wild with an outfit once in a while because of my lack for a need for speed.”


Jillian Hervey, one half of musical duo Lion Babe and Vanessa Williams’ daughter, who had performed at the U.S. ambassador’s residence for a party cohosted by British Vogue and J. Crew earlier this week, said she’d put very little thought into her look for the evening. “I totally didn’t plan anything to wear, so I’m just in these ugly old Converse and this vintage Belstaff biker jacket,” she said.

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Sandra Lee Dons a Plunging Pink Dress at the Emmys 2015 for Her First Red Carpet Since Mastectomy Surgeries

She's back! After taking time to recover from her double mastectomy and follow-up surgery this past spring and summer, Sandra Lee made her first public appearance at the 2015 Emmys on Sunday, Sept. 20.


The chef and Semi-Homemade Cooking host, 49, wore a pale pink, vintage Thierry Mugler dress with a plunging neckline from the '70s. "She bought the vintage gown years before she could ever know the meaningful association its pink color would have for her," Lee's rep tells Us. The pink ribbon is, of course, the official symbol of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October).



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"Sandra has not had reconstruction," her rep shared, "But she is glad to have both surgeries of the spring and summer behind her. She is hopeful, and the dress made that statement."


"I wanted to personally give you an update and to let you know that I needed…a little time. I needed a minute," Lee, who's been dating Governor Andrew Cuomo for almost a decade, began. "The last infection threw me a bit and I decided to focus and redirect all my energies internally. I physically and emotionally just needed to be silent and still while I healed. This has been an unreal chain of events in my life. I am still stunned, still digesting and still processing everything that has taken place this past year."


Lee, who's famous for her "semi-homemade" recipes, then added her thanks. "You all have been so great, so wonderfully supportive and so sweetly available to me so I want to take a minute and say thank you from the bottom of my heart," she wrote. "I am excited to be back now and I do have a few surprise (good ones) coming up very soon!!!"


On Tuesday, Sept. 22, Lee will sit down with Good Morning America's Robin Roberts, a fellow cancer survivor, to share an exclusive update. And next weekend, Lee kicks off a trip around the country to support the Susan G. Komen for the Cure walks by cutting the starting line ribbon at the San Francisco Bay Area Race for the Cure on Sunday, Sept. 27. She'll also spread the word about awareness and early detection as a just-appointed ambassador for Stand Up to Cancer.

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Willie Nelson, Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney: Fashion Week's Stony Bro Inspo

During Wednesday evening’s Republican debates, some of the hopefuls admitted to America that not only had they “tried weed,” but that theirstances on drug policy was the least offensive of all their platforms. “I think if we left it open, we could see how many people smoked pot in high school,” said Rand Paul, unlikely proponent of drug policy reform. “Forty years ago I smoked marijuana, and I admit it,” declared Jeb Bush, the square of the family. Even the most conservative white men in America are speaking almost fondly of the relaxation herb. So at this cultural moment, it’s so fitting that fashion is feting some of America’s stoniest fellows by alluding to their styles or more directly creating homages to their lives.


Willie Nelson, Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney: Fashion Week's Stony Bro Inspo


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Mara Hoffman, a stony gal herself, dedicated her Spring 2015 line to Willie Nelson, pot Jesus. With a fantastical backdrop of the blue sky opening up on a rolling golden wheatfield, like Nelson she seemed to advocate the idea that getting lifted is American as apple pie or, more specifically, as American as our national anthem—“spacious skies” and “amber waves of grain.”


The models wore Willie’s signature braids-and-bandanna, an easy as hell beauty note, and very minimal makeup; their easy wheat-patterned maxi-dresses and denim jackets were both a gestural and literal interpretation of Willie Nelson’s salt-of-the earth Texas estilo. And sometimes she swapped out wheat for star-spangled tops, alluding to ‘70s American idealism, a little hippie, a little hopeful, on the road again realness. (No one smoked a J on the runway, though, so I have to shave off half a point for that.)


Over at Tommy Hilfiger, though, the stoniest notions came from Americans decamping to the Caribbean, as he feted the “Island Life” of icons like Jimmy Buffett and (my favorite) Kenny Chesney. Complete with an actual river, canoe, and sand on the set (“Gowanus runway,” Clover called it) Hilfiger envisioned getting away from it all in floral tops, loose crocheted bikinis and sandals—because nothing is wavier than dressing like a hackeysack. He was also getting very serious about allowing us to purchase designer drug rugs.


Kenny Chesney’s fan club is called “No Shoes Nation.” The soundtrack was more specifically reggae-inspired, but definitely the same thing Kenny and Jimmy listen to while they’re chilling in the Virgin Islands (or Montauk). It was maybe going for “Island Life,” as a satin jacket said, but it translated more as the Continental vacationers who go there to escape rather than the actual culture of people who actually live in the Caribbean. In other words: perfect Buffett style.

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