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Michael Costello, desert fashion experts rock the Vegas runway

In dramatic fashion, Michael Costello’s model hit the runway in a shimmery floor-length dress as an animated live band played the notorious riffs of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir.”


Each step the model took on the catwalk seemed in sync with the music, deftly showcasing the marriage of rock and fashion.


Celeb designer Costello, Astrella Celeste from Palm Springs — better known simply as Astrella — and Claudia Lua Alvarado of Indio all contributed to Monday’s rocking runway show that was a collision of art, music and fashion.


A couple hundred people sat in couches surrounding the Foxtail pool at the SLS Las Vegas hotel and crowded the stage sides as the iconic Stratosphere towered in the distance. The runway show coincided with MAGIC, a global fashion tradeshow that originated in Palm Springs in the 1940s.


“It was nice … to see some of the models react to that music. Because normally it’s a DJ and it’s very predictable and I think this was a little more emotional and I like that,” said Astrella, who showcased her Musical Ts line at the show.


The audience couldn’t help but dance in their spots and nod their heads to the music as the rotating all-star band continued to cover well-known and iconic songs, making the evening feel more like a rock concert.


A model wears a Michael Costello design during a rock


photo:formal evening dresses


“Because we come from music, we can pull a few favors from our friends,” said Astrella, the daughter of English folk singer and Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall-of-Famer Donovan.


The performing musicians included Bob Forrest of Thelonious Monster, Stevie D and Kelly LeMieux, both of Buckcherry, Stephen Perkins of Jane’s Addiction and Amp Fiddler of Parliament. All were friends of Astrella and her husband Jason Rothberg.


They all support her Musical Ts line, which in turn supports the music industry, she said. Each of her T-shirts, which feature the graphic designs of artist album covers, come with a scannable code that allows the purchaser to download the entire album of the featured artist — only once, though.


At the Monday show, she featured her summer line of shirts featuring Elton John, Queen, The Who, Slightly Stoopid, Spencer Davis and The Vandals.


In the early 1940s, in addition to attracting the Hollywood elite, Palm Springs played host to the country’s largest annual fashion trade show — The Menswear Manufacturers Association of Los Angeles.


The annual event was considered such a boon for the city that it spawned the construction of a “giant amphitheater” west of the Las Palmas area to host related fashion shows and events which coincided with Western Week.


“I think when buyers go up to market or to a trade show, it’s always nice to have an enticing place to go. In the 1940s and ‘50s, this was where all the celebrities went,” said Susan Stein, a Rancho Mirage fashion expert and runway show producer who also worked Monday’s show in Vegas.


The trade show eventually outgrew Palm Springs, then Los Angeles, and is now held in Las Vegas.


Lance Bass, of N’Sync fame and a Musical Ts wearer, served as MC and kicked off the fashion show on stage alongside his husband Michael Turchin and pop artist Miguel Paredes, both of whom had art work of album covers on display.


Stein lent her runway production expertise for the Las Vegas show. Stein also worked with Astrella in March for Fashion Week El Paseo, held annually in Palm Desert.


“I am very happy. And I have to say I feel good,” Astrella said about the overall show. She said she learned a lot from the other designers, specifically how the structure of a runway show works and preparing the order of looks for the show.


“I think that’s probably, deep down, one of the reasons why I wanted to share in this experience, because I have a lot to learn and I did learn a lot tonight,” she said.


“It was a little scary, a little stressful, but I learned a lot and I feel honored that I got to learn that from designers I have admiration for.”


In addition to Costello and Lua, the other designers who participated in the show include: Band of Gypsies, Romeo + Juliet Couture, Bella Dahl, D.J. Ashba and Dr. Martens.


Costello, a seasoned designer who gained fame on “Project Runway” and got his start in Palm Springs by opening up a boutique downtown when he was 15, showcased his Nirvana collection — a series of his favorite show-stopping silhouettes.


For Lua, who recently launched her line of one-of-a-kind, special occasion dresses after 14 years of designing for corporate companies such as Forever 21, the fashion show was “a dream come true.”


She showcased 12 looks that included evening and cocktail dresses and “mother/daughter” outfits.


Lua had her own cheering section at the show. In addition to her family, a few members of the Fashion Group Foundation of Palm Springs traveled to Las Vegas to provide support and see Lua’s first major fashion show, featuring her own label.


Diana Strickland of Indio, a member of the local fashion group, loved how Lua’s looks were different than most of the other collections that veered more toward rock ‘n’ roll.


“I had to see Claudia. I felt like her showing really softened the whole thing. It was sweet and really soft and pretty and really glamorous clothing,” she said.


Lua was able to sneak out during her show to take a peek as her fashions walked the runway to Kemo the Blaxican’s Latin style of hip hop.


“I feel so happy and thankful that everything turned out really well,” Lua said. “It was so cool because it was a different kind of set-up. Not your traditional set-up. It was live music, rock ‘n’ roll, rap, Spanish, it was a mix of everything and I loved it,” she said.

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Dithering over that dress?

When it comes to buying a new outfit, forget asking your partner or a shop assistant for a second opinion.


Many shoppers now prefer to seek advice from a range of friends from afar – by posting ‘chelfies’, or changing room selfies, on social media.


Both men and women have been taking pictures of themselves while trying on clothes in stores and then uploading them to sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Women need an average of three ‘likes’ from friends before they buy items, while men tend to wait for at least four, a survey of 2,000 young people found. Two in five confessed they discard an outfit if it gets fewer than ten likes.


The trend, which has attracted a host of celebrities such as singer Jessie J and Irish model Vogue Williams, has seen the number of chelfies posted on Twitter double in the past three months, the research for fashion website Shopa found.


One in seven shoppers under the age of 30 – and as many as a third of 13-year-olds – now seeks online approval on every outfit, the study found. This has made the average shopping time almost double from 16 minutes to 31 minutes, while almost a third of people admitted spending up to two hours choosing an outfit while they wait for likes.


Women are most likely to seek opinions on evening dresses and high heels, while men ask for advice on trainers and shirts.


Behavioural psychologist Linda Papadopoulos said: ‘The results are unsurprising as, although online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, many of us still rely on our friends’ approval when purchasing new clothes or accessories.


‘The ease of being able to share a visual representation of the look we’re trying to achieve makes it easier to reach out for validation.’


‘The research suggests that, as shopping has migrated online from in-store; social media ‘likes’ are now one of the keys to driving purchase.


‘The ease of being able to share a visual representation of the look or style we’re trying to achieve makes it not only easier to reach out for validation, but indeed it also fits in with the norms of social networking; where acceptance of our choices is actively sought out.


Model Vogue Williams masters the 'chelfie' 


photo:short formal dresses


‘It’s not surprising therefore that some people are waiting up to two hours for that nod of approval before making a purchase,’ she added.


The trend is now so common various fashion magazines and blogs offer advice on how to take the perfect chelfie.


According to Vogue magazine it is essential to take a picture in a potential outfit as the ‘camera never lies’.


Vogue offers its readers some top tips which include wearing ‘basic but good underwear’, stand on tiptoes and take pictures from various angles but never use flash.


As well as seeking approval, shoppers also turn to social media sites for fashion inspiration, 43 per cent of women said they used Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram to learn about current trends.


Thirty eight per cent of men admitting to following celebrity profiles for advice.


The survey also found that women are wearing the fashion trousers in British households, with a quarter men admitting to changing their style to fit in with their partner’s wishes.


A third of women polled even admitted to secretly throwing away their partner’s fashion faux pas and 11 per cent admitted putting them in the wrong wash on purpose.


Ten per cent even said they were responsible for ‘accidentally’ ruining them.

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The dress itself is a dream

We ordered several Jenny Yoo dresses when selecting my daughter's bridesmaid dresses. We loved the color but was not crazy about the fabric. We selected the chiffon dress.


I was hesitant to order this dress but my mom thought it was really pretty so i didn't have anything to loose.


This dress is everything and more. I am wearing it for a wedding and it fits wonderfully. It would flatter every figure.


This cheap formal dresses fit beautifully and will need no alterations. The color was true to the image shown. I ordered a size down, and the fit was perfect. This will be beautiful for a Fall wedding as a bridesmaid.


This has pretty fabric and fits well, perhaps a little larger than expected so needed a size down. Ethereal tulle is a good way to describe it with elegant design; can't wait to see the wedding pics with these in them!


AU Long Multicolour Evening Formal Dress LFNAC0036


I had high hopes for this dress since I loved it in gray in the store. It fit true to size, for a formal gown. One size up from my normal dress size.


Classy and elegant!


Absolutely LOVE this dress!It was so whimsical and romantic, but really comfortable and flattering. So happy with this purchase and even happier that it didn't break the bank! It's definitely true to size, other than the length.. super long and I had to have it hemmed (a lot).


I didn't seem to have a problem with getting the right fit as others had described. That being said, I didn't buy based off my regular dress size, I bought based off of the measurements provided in the description.


The dress itself is a dream. It fits better than I ever expected, and I love all the different methods for tying the panels. Added bonus: It's actually long enough for me. At 6'1 length has always been an issue for me. My feet do stick out a little from the inner lining of the dress, but I'm not overly concerned with that as I won't be wearing shoes with heels and the tulle falls over & covers them so its not glaringly obvious.


Couldn't be happier. This was the first dress I ordered & tried, and it worked out perfectly.


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