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Incredible discounts on fashion clothing, accessories, footwear, jewelry


Flipkart Big 10 sale is here and there are some amazing discounts and never-seen-before offers on a range of products, from electronics and home appliances to beauty and fashion, and even furniture, smart phones, mobile accessories and TVs and other household items. Tuesday is Day 3 of the sale that the e-tailing site has marketed as ‘bigger than ever’ and there are a ton of great deals to take advantage of.

Some of the biggest brand names in men’s, women’s and kid’s fashion have tied up with Flipkart and are offering great deals on clothing and apparel, as well as footwear.

1. For men, there are discounts of minimum 60 per cent on brands like Wrangler, United Colors of Benetton, Lee Cooper, French Connection, Flying Machine, etc. Available on sale are products like solid polo shirts and T-shirts, skinny denims, trousers, printed shorts and slim jeans in a variety of patterns and colors.

2. For women, everything from embroidered salwar kameez, sarees, lehenga choli, Indo-western dresses, kurtas, leggings, trousers and jeans and tops, shirts and dresses are all available on discounts between 50 to 80 per cent. Selected dresses from brands like People and Vero Moda are available on discounts as big as 60 per cent.

3. In kids’ fashion, packs of five printed T-shirts and track pants, as well as kurta pyjama set for boys and top and skirt, maxi dresses, and even salwar kameez for girls are available at discounts of 50 to 80 per cent. Kids’ footwear like Spiderman and Barbie floaters are also available on discount.

4. Accessories like Lois Caron, Gypsy, Sonata, Britex, Curren and other wrist watches and Ray Ban and Fastrack sunglasses are available on heavy discounts. While the watches on sale are all under Rs 499, the sunglasses have discounted rates of between 40 to 80 per cent.

5. Women’s fashion jewelry like bracelets, rings, bangles and necklaces are all available under Rs 499. The jewelry is both metal and junk jewelry.

Flipkart is expected to see 5x times the number of transactions seen on the platform every single day, during the five days of sale that is on til May 18. Everyday the website unveils incredible discounts on smart phones and tablets, LED and LCD TVs, DSLR Cameras, power banks, headphones and earphones, handbags and backpacks and scores of other products on sale. The sale has been held to commemorate 10 years of operation of the website, that is currently one of the biggest e-commerce websites in the country, second only to its international competitor Amazon.Read more at:formal dresses perth | celebrity dresses


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Fractal crystals win fashion design contest


Crystal pattern dress
(Photo:formal dresses adelaide)

Organic crystals with never-before-seen curved fractal structures have been discovered by researchers in China. They used the unusual shapes to design a dress, whose striking patterns won a national fashion competition.

Guoqing Zhang, Xuepeng Zhang and their team at the University of Science and Technology of China first intended to construct a series of organic ligands for water-based acrylic paints. By performing a routine Claisen condensation reaction between a ketone and an ester, they obtained a number of pyridine-substituted β-diketone compounds as fluffy crystals, with varying positions of nitrogen-substitution in the pyridine ring.

After drying the crystals, Guoquing Zhang examined them under an optical microscope and noticed that one of the crystals had formed an unprecedented fractal structure, never before seen in this kind of organic molecule. Fractals are geometric shapes with repeating patterns that recur at progressively smaller and smaller scales, giving them the illusion of being infinitely complex.

The team investigated this peculiar morphology using x-ray diffraction experiments. They found that the crystal with the fractal structure had significantly weaker intermolecular interactions than the others. Guoquing Zhang proposes that that in this structure, the position of nitrogen in the pyridine ring prevents efficient stacking. The weaker interaction causes the molecules to slide past each other and dislocate during crystal growth, resulting in an unusual, irregular crystal. According to Guoquing Zhang, ‘at room temperature, there is a high probability that crystal growth will be dictated by random fluctuations, resulting in a curvy fractal structure’.

By transferring a microscopy image of the crystal onto polyester fabric through digital printing, the researchers created a unique clothing design so striking that they won first place in the National Women’s Fashion Design Competition of China.Read more at:formal dresses perth


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The next steps to an ethical fashion industry


Safia Minney has been a vocal and prominent champion of sustainable fashion since she founded ethical womenswear label People Tree in 1998. A fair trade expert, she is also the managing director of sustainable footwear brand Po Zu and has written several books on sustainable fashion, including Slave to Fashion.

What has changed since you first became involved with ethical fashion?

When I first started working with the Fairtrade Foundation, we were really pioneering an environmentally friendly and socially impactful supply chain, looking at how to maximise livelihoods. If you look at ethical fashion today, it’s evolved hugely. There’s been a big movement of awareness, helped by things like The True Cost documentary. Ecommerce has allowed more ethical fashion brands to get out there, and the great work of the Ethical Fashion Forum has helped build sustainable supply chains.

What does Po Zu do to work sustainably?

All of the product is made in Portugal and all of the factories used are unionised. We use materials such as natural latex, which is solvent free, and the shoe uppers are made from cork or Piñatex, which is a sustainable textile made from pineapple leaf fibres. We use organic cotton and chrome-free leather [tanned without using chromium or heavy metals].

What impact has the Modern Slavery Act had on ethical fashion?

There’s been a huge amount of work starting to build more transparency in supply chains in the developing world and a large part of that is because of the Modern Slavery Act. Retailers are now obliged to file reports on what they’re doing to eradicate slavery. It means there is a legal framework to hold boards and chief executives to account. It is an amazing opportunity to create a central repository where consumers and campaigners can analyse the information, and choose where to spend their money.

Why is creating ethical supply chains so important?

We know supply chains are complicated. But if retailers can invest in segmented customer databases to maximise profits, I can see no reason why they can’t do the same to find out how people are being treated at different points in their supply chains. Affordable technology is changing things for garment workers: with a cheap smartphone it is now possible for a worker to take a photograph of unsafe working conditions and send it to a trade union, thereby preventing another horrible accident like the Rana Plaza collapse in 2013.

How do you see the fashion industry changing?

Retailers are beginning to understand that fashion’s business model needs to be reorganised and throw-away fashion will become a thing of the past. We clearly cannot go on consuming resources at the rate we are and there is a lot of work happening around the circular economy, whether that’s higher end products being rented in the future. Many large fashion brands have taken up the challenge of phasing out toxic materials and high street retailers are beginning to clean up supply chains, but there’s still a long way to go.Read more at:formal dresses brisbane | plus size formal dresses


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