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AMM students create stylish clothing line

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Senior students in the apparel production option of the apparel merchandising and management major at Cal Poly Pomona have finalized their spring and summer clothing line, and are expected to debut their production at a product launch event next week.

The clothing line, called AM2, was established in 2001 as part of the AMM program. Students explained that it is a spinoff on the department’s name itself. Working on the line is part of the program’s senior capstone courses, which helps students learn about preparing and producing a clothing line. The clothing is then sold in the Bronco Bookstore.

“This year, we wanted to reestablish AM2 as the brand itself and focus on this being another season of the brand,” said Zachary Thomas, a fourth-year apparel merchandising and management student and this year’s production leader. “We’re obviously a school-produced manufacturing company, and we should embrace that.”

The theme of this year’s clothing line is Seize the Day. The students decided to aim their clothing line towards comfort, while incorporating fashion.

“We decided to go with T-shirts and basics with a twist,” said Madeleine Neuburger, a fourth-year apparel merchandising and management student and the team’s promotion coordinator. “All of our stuff for the Seize the Day collection is pretty relaxed and casual, but you can wear it during the day or at night.

“We wanted to aim toward the CPP student [and] the Los Angeles student that can go from a day at school to a bar at night, or maybe even just doing homework. Everything is super versatile and super comfortable and very flattering at the same time — basics with a twist.”

Each student is assigned individual roles within the production, and must work as a cohesive unit. The class must produce garments in a successful and timely manner, as the students only have two quarters to produce their line.

“We organize the class like a company,” said Associate Professor Muditha Senanayake, who leads the manufacturing side of the department. “We have a production coordinator, a team leader, and I have assigned teams for different styles. Each team has job functions, like pattern makers, quality and inventory controllers, sample producers and mark makers. The students have their own job functions.”

The beginning of the development line started in January. As a class, the students came up with styles they wanted to produce. After conducting surveys to help reveal what would be trending in the spring and summer quarters, the class agreed upon six designs..

“We do design processes, pattern making, revising, source the fabric, source the trim, source production and then at the end of the quarter, we present it to the [Bronco Bookstore,]” said Thomas. “This year, they accepted all five of our styles.

“From all of the design concepts of last quarter, now you’re actually putting it into play and putting it into practice and taking everything that you thought of and turning it into real garments, turning it into orders and quantities to be sold. It’s just the process of thinking and then making.”

Fifth-year apparel marketing and management student Jessica Isago was the project’s pattern maker and pattern grader.

She and her teammates were in charge of two styles in four different sizes, and had to make patterns for both men and women.

“We just took our base sizes and graded them to a larger size or a smaller size depending on which gender we did them for,” said Isago. “Our group had both men and women, so we did different grading sizes for those.”

Students worked one-on-one with professional contractors and vendors in order to produce their line within a given budget.

American Apparel and the VF Corporation donated fabrics to assist the students’ production.

“We are working with American Apparel, who are big supporters of our program”, said Senanayake. “We are also working with another contractor in El Monte, and we pay a price for their services. We do costing, we negotiate prices and [students] agree on a price.”

Kit Kwok, a fourth-year apparel marketing and management student and production coordinator, enjoyed working with an actual manufacturer.

“My favorite part of this experience was the opportunity to discuss our production line with the actual manufacturer, American Apparel,” said Kwok.

“That was a great experience. We had the opportunity to talk to their pattern maker and their production management. We learned a lot about real world production.”

Next week, the students will debut their collection during U-Hour at their launch event. The event will take place Thursday in front of the Bronco Student Center. There will be models presenting the clothing line and a deejay.

The items will be sold at the Bronco Bookstore starting this week and throughout the summer. Garments will range from $15-25. Additionally, the AMM department will open boutiques in Building 2 and Building 45, where they will sell select items not sold in the bookstore.

Proceeds will go toward next year’s production budget. Leftover funds will be used for scholarships.Read more here:evening dresses online

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Think beyond jackets for the ultimate style.

Blythe Dress $1200. Scarf $145. Two-Tone Heels $595.All from Kate Sylvester. Photo / Supplied
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Leather will always have its roots deep in rock'n'roll but this season it has been reinvented with more feminine sensibilities.

And there is no better way to illustrate this than with Kate Sylvester's stunning Blythe dress, made from a turquoise Nappa lamb leather.

Another two fabulous options are Hideseekers' Suzi Q dress, the ultimate LBD, and Shen's lambskin leather dress, in a classic shift style. Both pieces are functional and timeless.

Think about layering when it comes to wearing all three dresses - simply add a merino polo neck underneath as the weather cools.

Alternatively, try a leather skirt. Harman Grubisa's divine luxurious leather skirt is on my to-buy list and is styled perfectly with its Melange skivvy. Australian import Seed has a beautiful asymmetrical leather skirt in its collection, featuring a full, floaty skirt and a-line silhouette anchored by cross-over straps on the waistband.

My first introduction to leather was in the 80s with a pair of Jeanmakers leather jeans. They were so tight I had to lie down to get them on.

For a modern spin on this all time classic check out Stolen Girlfriends Club's leather moto quilt pant. Its quilted panelling through the waistband and knees and exposed zip detailing make it the perfect merger of biker chic and fashion friendly style.

These days leather doesn't have to be leather. Moochi's super-cute Harley Culottys are made from a "vegan leather" with a price to match.

A leather jacket is probably the most traditional piece you could add to your collection and the clever people at Neuw have designed the Berlin jacket, taking inspiration from Iggy Pop and the jacket he wore when he was recording in West Berlin in the 70s. There is nothing to not like about this jacket.

For something a little different I love Trelise Cooper's Wadd Up jacket, which balances luxury and toughness perfectly. It's a leather bomber jacket with a quilted front and an elaborate floral motif embossed on the back.

Check out The Line Up for three of my favourite full-sized leather bags this winter - the Montana Hobo from Witchery, Harry & Co's classic Anytime Anywhere and Mr Pomper Cheetah from Deadly Ponies.Raad more at:cocktail dresses

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Nicky Hilton's fashion 'risks'

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The 31-year-old heiress has revealed she loves to step out of her comfort zone when it comes to her personal style and enjoys experimenting with different looks to express herself.

She said: "Fashion, for me, is all about experimenting, taking some risks and stepping outside your comfort zone. There's no real rule when it comes to fashion. It's really just about expressing yourself and having fun."

The blonde beauty added she refuses to follow trends and prefers to find a signature look to make her own.

She explained: "I think it's all about being original and true to yourself. I think we live in a society where so many young girls are trying to dress like their favourite actor or musician, and it just looks like a bunch of clones walking around. I highly encourage women to find their own original sense of style and come up with [their] own trademarks."

Nicky - who has created a capsule collection of handbags for Linea Pelle, entitled NICKY HILTON x linea pelle, which will be released this autumn - has ensured her passion for "unique" designs is evident in the line and is "really pleased" with how her range has turned out.

She told Fox News Magazine: "I like finding unique bags. I'm sort of over the whole 'It-bag,' where every girl is carrying the same style. When I'm shopping for a handbag, I want something unique, and when I say unique, I mean a shape or print that I'm not going to see everyone and their mother carrying.

"I've collaborated with Linea Pelle on a small capsule collection [because] I've really wanted to embody my personality, aesthetic and taste into this line. I've featured my favourite shapes, styles and colours. I wanted to keep it really classic. I didn't really want to make something trendy.

"I'm really pleased with how the collection has turned out. Each piece is stylish and practical for every day. I try to always design timeless pieces that women will have in their wardrobes for years to come."Read more here:cocktail dresses

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