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5 Decor secrets of happy couples

5 Decor secrets of happy couples
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Married couples and live-in partners can increase their togetherness quotient with the way they decorate their living space.

He likes clutter. She wants simplicity combined with luxury. So, how does a modern couple create a space for a happy marriage?

After the wedding, a couple should do up the decor of their home reflecting their combined tastes. For instance, they should display small takeaways from their travels in their living room. Don't let your home have furniture that's designated as 'his' or 'hers' or 'yours' or 'mine'. In her book, Luxurious Minimalism, author Karen Howes writes, newlyweds can find ways to combine their two styles. "Strong-willed couples should learn to make room for the other's visual style." Here are some home decor solutions for couples:

Get a cosy coffee table for two

It's a place where you begin your day, discuss your goals and dreams. And it's a place where you come to have your evening coffee after a tiring day. Make sure the coffee table is big enough for both of you to put your feet up. Says Jonathan Adler, home furnishings designer and author of the book, 100 Ways to Happy Chic Your Life, "A coffee table is more than just a piece of furniture, it's a place where intimate, everyday emotional bonding takes place." Furniture designer Chandini Nath Israni agrees, "A coffee table has emotional appeal for a couple, it can be the centrepiece of their lives."

Dim that light

Get a romantic look by using lighting that gives a soft glow to the bedroom through overhead lights and table lamps. Adds Israni, "Warm lighting makes the other person look softer, and creates a cosy ambience. White light is too harsh and unromantic, so go for dim yellow lights in your bedroom." Says interior designer Raseel Gujral, "Do fun things with your bedroom that raises the romance quotient."

A fun corner to play

Delhi-based couple Rakesh and Tanya Sehgal play table tennis on their dining table. "It's a great way to let out stress. Every couple needs to have a game corner. It's a great way to laugh and bust stress in your relationship." Says marriage counsellor Gitanjali Sharma, "You could be doing anything... practising yoga as a couple, playing chess or cards; these activities are a great way to spend time together."

Be creative with space

Whether decorative or functional, be specific with the utilisation of space in your house. Place ashtrays close to where your spouse likes to unwind, keep the keys on a table at the entrance, for instance. Try to keep the objects that you like within eye view. Says Sharma, "Most couples fight over small things in the kitchen or in the wardrobe; try to systematically place objects of everyday use."

Have a garden spot

A great outdoor spot with flowers and greenery is pure therapy. Says interior design expert Sanvari Alagh Nair, "Floral plants bring freshness to your home." Meera Patel, 35, marketing professional, says, "I think it's essential for a couple to surround themselves with herbs and vibrant flowers around the house. If they spend time in a mini garden together, they will bond deeply. This season is perfect for growing phlox, helichrysum, gazania, salvia, cineraria and verbena. These winter flowers will come to full bloom in your homes. You can also have small chairs where you can relax after a hectic day."



Don't fight over that lamp, mug or rug Don't remove or move any furniture without asking your partner Ask your partner specifically what colours or prints they like before doing anything drastic Try to keep away from bronze sculptures of leopards, cheetahs or anything too flashy and over the top Don't over-decorate your room, it's distracting and unnerving Your home is not a museum, try not to keep anything you can't touch. Read more here:cocktail dress australia

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