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Being a smaller production than other fashion events in Denver, Unique Week of Fashion still put on quite the show with this year’s roster of designers and boutiques. Its goal is to showcase local designers, talent and boutiques within Denver’s fashion scene through five nights of shows, each with its own theme, like “Around the Globe in an Evening” and “Back in Time.” Organizer and owner, Jana Smith, created Unique Week of Fashion to promote consciousness as to what is happening in our local community and raise money to give back and support those who are local and are in need of help.

We at 303 Magazine attended the debut nights of this season’s event, where we saw fashion perfect for spring and summer occasions, whether that be frill-trimmed dresses from LUXE 303, chic men’s blazers from Everything Swallow or embellished pieces designed and curated by Infatue.

The first night, held at The Falls Event Center, was themed “A Night of Luxury.” The show featured looks from designers, as well as LUXE 303, a boutique that will open in Highland soon. The designs followed along with the theme as the audience was shown pieces that were on a spectrum, from outfits to wear to Derby Days to men’s and women’s formal wear. The runway also welcomed casual wear. Unlike its contenders, DCR Studios chose to go the athleisure route, while still keeping its look luxurious. Attendees saw custom-made pieces from students of Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design alongside name brands popular within the athletic industry, such as Adidas.

The night didn’t end on just one fashion note. “A Night of Luxury” continued with a meet-and-greet between the audience, the designers and models. To top it off, they finalized the show with a live auction to which proceeds would go toward a charity created by NFL Linebacker and Pittsburgh Steeler, Steven Johnson, called Faith Motivated. The organization aims to provide children and adults with encouragement to set and achieve their goals through positive, drug-free living.

Night Two of fashion was hosted at Parkside Mansion, which fit perfectly for their second theme, “Timeless Fashion Night.” Off the bat, walking up to the mansion we could tell that the building had a history with its classic off-white paint and row of columns disguised as the front porch. Other than the building having a historic ambiance to it, the designs did as well.

The night featured collections from Sherry’s Angels, Parasite Eve Designs, and Everything Swallows, all of which took the audience back in time with their classic pieces. Parasite Eve Designs, alongside Andrew Flatland, gave off a royal medieval vibe, while Sherry’s Angels reminded us of Tinker Bell. Everything Swallows stuck with the same style of clothing we saw during Night One, however, it added a bit of a flair and gave us ’50s housewives with a modern take.

Night Two followed up with designs from Jeneration Apparel, Fogg Couture and ICaro. Each brand had something unique and different to every one of them. Jeneration Apparel’s branding is all about being a ready-to-wear and affordable collection. The line shown during the show was a collection of dresses geared toward going for a night out in Denver or attending a formal event. Fogg Couture had more of a dark fantasy feel to it, with its dark makeup. With the exception of a green gown detailed with gold lace, the dresses were kept dark but vivacious with their dramatic and unique headpieces. ICaro was the last to walk the runway. The concept that made this brand particular was that it was the only line of every girl’s best friend — bags. ICaro’s expertise is in handcrafted products that are made from high-quality Italian leather. The brand offers options for both men and women. Another accessory noticed during the show was the bow tie. Shirtless men wearing quite the unique version of suspenders strapped around their chests and colorful bow ties tied around their necks appeared on the runway, making a few women in the audience holler.

The night finished with yet another meet-n-greet with the designers and models, but this time the audience was allowed the option to touch and feel the garments from the runway just minutes before. Not only could attendees get a tour of the fabrics, but they made themselves at home and were able to tour the inside of the mansion.

Overall, both events were able to pull off telling a story by using fashion to do so. Each designer was carefully and successfully chosen to represent the different themes of each night, which gave Unique Week of Fashion’s audience the chance to be exposed to different styles and sceneries in Denver.Read more at:formal dresses brisbane | formal dresses online


The tie-in technique of bridal evening dress

A spring,

The effect of spring evening wear is to feel warm, transparent and clean.

1. Skin tone: light ivory, warm beige, delicate and transparent.

2. Hair color: bright as silk, soft tan and chestnut. Soft hair.

3. Eyes: light like a glass ball, bright tea, yellow jade, and white eyes.

Tie-in technique: this season's evening dress color can't be too old or too dark. The bright tone that should choose warm color system, should follow bright contrast principle in colorific collocation. Suitable colors are: green, peach, beige, lemon, coral, mint, ivory, etc. If you choose the red color, it should be orange and orange.

Second, the summer

Summer evening dress collocation effect is let the bride's eye is downy, give a person with relaxed and implicit feeling, suit to take the cool color department of blues.

1. Skin tone: powdery white, milky skin, brown skin with blue tone, skin of wheat.

2. Hair color: soft black, grayish black, soft brown or dark brown.

3. Eyes: soft eyes, soft eyes, brown eyes and dark brown eyes.

Tie-in skill: the evening dress of this season, color should be tonal with blue, choose soft and quietly elegant color. Pay attention to avoid contrast too big tonal, it is better to carry on the collocation of thick and weak in the same color department, the effect is better. Suitable colors: purple, milky white, powder purple, water blue, sapphire green, jade blue, rose red, etc.

Three, autumn

Summer evening dress collocation effect is let the bride give a person with rich and rich, noble and mature feeling.

1. Skin color: porcelain ivory skin, deep orange, dark camel or yellow orange.

2. Hair color: brown, brown or copper, chocolate.

Eyes: dark brown, brown, white with ivory or greenish white.

Tie-in technique: the bride in autumn should appear as mature and luxurious, this season evening dress the most appropriate color is aureate, moss green, orange and so on color. If you choose red, choose brick red and color similar to dark orange. The tone of autumn evening dress is the composed tone of warm color system. So, rich and luxuriant color can foil the temperament of mature nobility. Suitable colors are: all orange, maple leaf red, leaf green, bean paste, golden yellow, cream white, etc.

Four, winter

The effect of summer evening dress collocation is the feeling that bride gives a person pure and clear, strong and cool.

1. Features of skin color: white or olive, with tawny brown. You can't see the color of the red in the cold.

2. Hair color characteristics: black shiny, dark brown, silver grey, deep wine red.

3. Eye features: black and white eyes, sharp eyes, dark black eyes, and brown eyes.

Collocation technique: the first choice that chooses bridal evening dress in winter should be pure color. Because of the four seasons color collocation, winter evening dress is the most suitable to use gray, black, pure white 3 kinds of color, among other colors, Tibetan blue is ok also. When choosing red, can choose red, wine red rose red. Suitable colors: black, grey, pure white, Tibetan blue, wine red, rose red and other pure tones.Read more at:pink cocktail dresses | royal blue formal dresses

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Fashion show without catwalks promotes modest wear in Dubai

Fashion show without catwalks promotes modest wear in Dubai
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A weeklong fashion event in Dubai is being held without catwalks, models or skin-baring designs.

Instead, around 30 designers of fashionable modest wear— some Muslim and others not— from nearly two dozen countries showcased their long-sleeved and floor-length pieces on large screens. Buyers could see and touch the collections up close in one of Dubai's newest shopping districts, a shimmering maze of walkways and fountains. At the start of the event, a handful of designs were paraded around the plaza.

"We did away with the catwalk. We thought that was one of the most antiquated things," Alia Khan, chairwoman of the Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC), said, explaining the decision to nix the most common elements of fashion shows around the world.

Khan spoke Wednesday, the opening night of the event dubbed "A Modest Revolution." It showcases the latest creations by designers hoping to capitalize on a growing desire by Muslim shoppers to wear modest clothing that is also fashionable.

Italian designer Isabella Caposanno's long-sleeved evening-wear dresses can take months to make by hand, and some cost upward of 30,000 euros ($37,000). Her clients include Arab royalty.

Under-Rapt offers modest sportswear, with longer, looser tops. Its leggings include flaps that fall just below the hips to give extra cover to the rear and front.

Another line, called Blue Meets Blue, employs refugees who have resettled in the Chicago area to make dressy and formal wear.

"We're trying to change the stereotypes of refugees in the U.S., as well. We want people to know that they're very hardworking, they're very excited to be in their new country and they want an opportunity to show that," said Shahd Alasaly, designer and founder of the American-made brand.

Alasaly says her customers aren't just Muslims, but also Orthodox Jewish women who want to wear something that's "classy, timeless and elegant."

How women choose to dress modestly varies around the world. Often, Muslim women who cover their hair with a hijab, or headscarf, in public do so in ways that reflect the local culture and their interpretation of Islamic guidelines.

But even women who dress modestly and cover their hair can find themselves at odds with conservatives who say the hijab should not be eye-catching and should conceal a woman's beauty from strangers.

"Modest fashion comes in so many different ways and I think people tend to pigeon-hole it and stereotype it," Khan said. "Designers are coming from all walks of life. All have their own interpretation."

Malaysia has been a trailblazer in the so-called halal industry, an estimated $2.6 trillion global Muslim lifestyle market that includes everything from halal food products that adhere to Islamic principles on how to slaughter animals, to halal tourism, where hotels cater to Muslim visitors by offering prayer rugs, halal food options and even gender-segregated beaches and pools.

On the opening night of the event, Vivy Yusof, a designer and businesswoman from Malaysia, wore a cream-colored headscarf by her brand, "dUCk," paired with a Petite Malle Louis Vuitton bag and a bejeweled black blazer and black slacks made by South Asian designers.

"I think it's really funny that now modest fashion is booming so much, because that's how we've been dressing for ages," she said. "Layering, covering, long sleeves, long pants, you know, wearing the hijab or not, that's how we've been dressing as Muslim women."

The 30-year-old and her husband co-founded Fashion Valet, an e-commerce website in Malaysia that features more than 400 South Asian designers, many of them selling modest wear collections. She selected six South Asian designers to showcase their pieces at her stall.

Yusof declined to disclose specifics on the company's annual revenue, but said that since launching the site eight years ago, business has grown by 100 percent annually.

Mainstream designers and retailers are also trying to tap into the niche market for modest clothing.

Just last month, U.S. retailer Macy's launched a modest clothing line targeting Muslim fashionistas. The new line, available online for now, includes ruffled high-neck tunics, flowy jumpsuits and bell-sleeve ankle-length cardigans.

Nike has debuted a hijab designed for female Muslim athletes. U.S. fashion house DKNY in 2014 launched a modest wear collection for Ramadan, the holy month when Muslims fast from sun-up to sundown. High-end label Dolce & Gabbana has also released a collection of headscarves and coordinated abayas, the loose robes worn by women in Arab Gulf countries.

The IFDC says Muslims are expected to spend as much as $322 billion on fashion this year. That figure is projected to grow as the Muslim population expands to 2.2 billion by 2030.

For the first time this year, more than half of all apparel and footwear sales will originate outside Europe and North America, according to consulting firm McKinsey & Co.'s "The State of Fashion" report.

The main areas of growth will be in emerging markets in Asia where fashion sales are expected to grow by 6.5 to 7.5 percent this year. In the Middle East, fashion sales are expected to grow by 6 percent, compared to 2 to 3 percent growth in Europe and 1 to 2 percent in North America.

Syrian sisters Nazek and Rama Jandali searched the fashion stalls for unique and modest pieces to wear this Ramadan, set to begin mid-May. Nazek was dressed in an off-the-shoulder cream embroidered top. Her younger sister Rama wore a colorful Fendi top and Chanel shoes. Neither covered their hair.

"I really like this event because it supports all these new designers and it's something you don't see in the market, or you don't see it in shopping malls. It's something new — not many people (have) worn it," said Rama of the collections on display.

Nazek agreed.

"It's not like the usual exhibitions or usual fashion shows. I found it really interesting that it inspires the conservative woman who would like to really be trendy in a very modest way," she said.Read more at:formal dress shops


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